Energiya: The Fuel Of Vita

By: Ckris

One of the ways to influence on the physiology (the road for the excellence), consists in changing the modality of use of just arranges muscular, changing that is portamento, expressions makes them, respiratory rhythm. The things of which I speak depend also on a healthy level of biochemical operation, with the presupposed one that just the organism comes depurato and nourished rather than polluted and intossicato. I define the energy the fuel of the excellence.

They can be changed, from a head to the other of the day, the own inner rappresentazioni: if your biochemistry is upset, it will make yes that the brain creates distorted rappresentazioni, upsetting the entire system to the point that will be improbable much that you succeed to use that that you have learned. You can possess the beautifulst automobile from race of the world, but if tried to make it to go to beer, not muoverÃ? at all.
Or, you can decide of the just car and the opportune fuel, but if the candles do not work, from the car you will not obtain sure the maximum.

Hour I would want to expose some ideas to you on the energy and like carrying it to the maximum levels.

How much greater one is the level of energy, the much most efficient one will be your organism, much best you will feel yourselves and be able to use your talents in order to obtain turns out to you optimal.

I know for direct experience the importance of the energy and which magical effects can produce its abundance. I have always practiced physical activity, sports, physical exercises sin from when I was child. I have attended the University of physical Education and therefore studied and practiced every sport and physical discipline beyond it has to attend and to work in the centers fitness and sportswomen. They have been always fascinated from the mechanisms of the human body, that they fortunately remain () still disowned; use the word 'fortunately' and 'disowned', in how much task that is fundamental to search continuously and never too much not to be convinced to know and to stop to experiment. Our body is more perfect, limitless, only and absolutely inimitabile and riproducibile the machine
Everyone must learn to know it (experiencing it) in order to make to always express it to the maximum levels. This does not mean but, 'to strain it' (to put it under effort), we must learn to feel, observe and listen to our body, in one word to respect the own natural biological rhythms.

When we are aware of upgrades them (limitless and only for everyone), we can obtain the maximum with the minimal effort and therefore in total 'comfort of travel'.

Although what it has been my 'physicist-sport' experience, I have understood thanks to the ulterior deepening on me same due to the 'personal increase', than in order to obtain the true state of optimal health (very various from the physical shape and absence of disease) we have need to extend our vision and to embrace all our existence. Fundamental E' to watch our life to 360? and beginning our 'revolution' characterizes them; we can put in argument the one which already we know or better we believe than to know, on the operation of our body, on its nutriment, on the inner and external relations, simply with the autosservazione and experimentation with same we on if same.
Begun to experiment to you, you stop 'to condition to you' with the thoughts, the ideas, the creed of the others. Not gone to the search of credentials, but of turns out to you, 'true' and long-lasting and above all deep. I can personally dirvi that all that that I have learned, experiencing it on spread me, I have transcribed it on my 'personal prescription' that is agenda rising on which my principles to which are constructed to me to obey and elaborating a program of excellent life salubre and.

But, what more important still, I have uncovered a perfectly coherent lifestyle, than null it has to that to make with scientific diets, dogmas, rules and principles and not a lifestyle that agrees with the operation of my organism.

I will now expose the principles to you that I have followed in these last five years; before but you allow me to equip an example of as they have transformed my physiology. A time I had need to sleep a lot, at least eight hours, and to the mattino in order to open the eyes three alarms clock, one were necessary to me that played, an other that ignited the radio and third that ignited the light. Today they are in a position to going to sleep late, approximately one or the two of night and to wake up to me, after five or six hours of sleep, full load of energy, force and vitalitÃ?. If my blood were full of slags, if my energetic level were upset, I would take advantage of to the maximum a limited physiology, while on the contrary mine is such to allow me to mobilitare all my physical and mental abilities.
We see some 'keys' that you for one can experience also physiology powerful, uncontrollable.

A lot of that I will say will turn out in contradiction with things in which you have always believed, and partially refutes the slight knowledge of good health that you have made yours. But these principles/councils are reveal to you miraculous in my case and in that one of the persons to which I have applies them to you, let alone of migliaia of that they make own one science of the called health 'natural hygiene'.

I would want that also you reflected and concluded if they can be valid in your case and if yours he puts into effect them hygienic-educational habits constitute the way better than to have cure of your organism and therefore of same you.

Applied to these simple principles in issue for a period at least venti-trenta days and judges of it the validity to you on the supply of turns out to you that they derive some to you, rather than based on that you are accustoms to believe to you and above all 'you feel of it' the feelings before and after. You must understand as your organism works, you must respect it and to have some cures, and it will take cure of you. You become masters of your body, aware and powerful beyond every limit.

Foundation of the health is a good blood circulation, which more transports nutritizi oxygen and elements to all than 75 mila billions of cells that constitute our living organism. If you have a healthy blood circulation, you will lead one long life and heals. Which is the lever that controls the system? The Breath, the way that is to oxygenate 'constantly' the organism, and therefore to stimulate the processes bioelettrici of every single cell.

We see more give close as the organism works. The respiration does not condition only the oxygenation of the cells, but the flow of linfa that it contains the leucociti ones, the cells white women who proteggono the organism from you onslaught of the pathogenic agents.

Which thing is linfatico Sistema? There is who thinks it, erroneously, the system of drainage of the organism. Every cell of our body is encircled from linfa, and in our organism the quantitative one of this is of four times advanced to that one of the blood.

Here as Sistema Linfatico works: from the heart the rich blood of nutriment comes pompato in the arteries and from these in the capillary small letters; the arterial blood door with himself Oxygen and nutritizie substances, and through the capillaries, that they are porosi, one and the others are diffused in the linfa that it encircles the cells.
The cells, equipped as they are of intelligence or affinity for that of which we have 'really' need, I assume oxygen and necessary the nutritizie substances to their good operation and expel toxins that partially return in the capillaries; but the died cells, ematiche proteins (TPP) and other toxic refuse materials must be removed from the linfatico system, which comes activated from one deep respiration or an adapted specific exercise, called also 'cell exercise', cellular exercise.

The somatiche cells depend on the linfatico system which half only in order to eliminate the toxic materials and the fluid in excess, that they limit the oxygen assumption. The fluid pass for the nodules and linfatiche glands, where they come neutralized and destroyed to the cells dead women and the other toxins, eccezion made for ematiche proteins.
Which importance has Sistema Linfatico? If it had to stop to work effectively for 24 hours, moriremmo because to the cells ematiche proteins and in excess would remain fluid. It is our 'inner street sweeper', he who cleans up and maintains knows some and works them all our cells. The circolatorio system is equipped of a pump that is the heart.

Instead Sistema Linfatico it is a system to hydraulic pressure, without an own pump, and the only way in order to hold in motion the linfa is exactly the deep respiration and the muscular activity detailed list 'cell exercise'. SicchÃ?, if you want very to have Sistema healthy Circolatorio and Sistema Linfatico and working Immunitario, you must breathe to bottom 'aware' and execute opportune movements that stimulate them.

You watch yourselves carefully from every 'hygienic program' that in the first place you standards not to clean up to bottom your organism through one deep and aware respiration. Remembered therefore, that it is the more effective way in order to obtain the 'purification' of Sistema Linfatico and to accelerate also of fifteen times such process. If from this long reading, you will accept only the conviction of how much is important to breathe to bottom, you would increase in remarkable way your level of total health, and of the rest the reason is this for which hygienic systems like the yoga they lend much attention to the way to breathe. Null he is equally effective to the ends of the depurazione of the entire organism.
Enough a little good sense in order to become account that, of all the necessary elements to the good and perfect health, Oxygen is what it has decisive importance; but it is opportune to become account until that point it is. Dottor Otto Warburg, prize Nobel and director of the Institute of cellular physiology Max Plance, has studied the effects that oxygen has on the cells, having succeeded to transform normal cells, perfectly knows some, in cancerose simply diminishing quantitative of supplied oxygen they. Its work has been continued in the United States from dottor Harry Goldblatt on a experiment that has confirmed that the lack of oxygen to cellular level has at least in appearance leaves cospicua in transforming the normal cells in cancerose, and that however it influences on the quality of the life of the same cells. One does not forget that the quality of the life of our organism is tutt'uno with that one of the cells.

SicchÃ?, a good oxygenation of the organism cannot not appear an absolute priority, and an effective respiration undoubtedly constitutes the point of departure. The trouble is that the greater part of the individuals does not know to breathe! While in average a citizen on three introduces tumors, solo an athlete on seven comes some hit. How never? The searches of which it has been said begin to give one explanation.
The athletes supply to the circolatorio system the more important and vital element, oxygen; an other is in the fact that the athletes spur their immune system to work to optimal levels, stimulating the movement of the linfa. But attention, is not necessary to be athletes in order to make a regular and perfect exercise to greet.

And hour, here as you can begin to depurare your organism and at the same time to begin to being aware of the own respiration: tried the 20 connected breaths. Fairies 4 short breaths (inspiration and expiration) and 1 along and deep for 4 times consecutively, without pauses between the inspiration and the expiration, increasing the air flow immessa to every cycle for a total of 20; and still continued for little breathing trying to rilassare the musculature that felt more contract or blocked, leaving that the breath enters and decoy with facility and without your control. You council to breathe up beginning from the abdomen and gradually carrying the attention and the breath in the chest and then in the throat; left to exit (expiring), the air from your body, imagining to expel all the toxins, stress and negativitÃ? that you have stored in excess in your body. To feel your tensions to dissolve and the body to return to more vital and being rilassato. Tried... Hour!!!! You choose the begun nose or the mouth and, is necessary only some minuteren of your most precious time... is recommended: you do not have to strain yourselves, established same the rhythm and the just time in order to dedicate you to your Breath and the development of your pulmonary ability.
Executed this simple and short exercise of the '20 connected breaths' every time that you want, you can begin 3 times to the day: to the mattino hardly wide awake, in the afternoon after or during a pause from the job and to the evening before going to bed, and you will notice clearly endured an improvement of your health, well-being and vitalitÃ?.

The other essential member of a respiration salubre is the daily aerobico exercise that is 'exercise with oxygen'. The jogging it is an optimal thing, but a tantino stressful. Excellent the swim.

However, one of the best aerobici exercises eseguibile in all the conditions (physical, climatic, acclimatizes them) consists in bouncing on a specific express constructed tool for this shape of exercise of called bounce 'ReboundAIRTM'; what that we can make without difficulty, in a short time and without that involves some stress and microtrauma for the muscle-skeletal apparatus. Important E' that exactly make yourself without to strain itself at all. It can be begun slowly, increasing the duration of the exercise until arriving to thirty minuteren without hard work, pains or stress, amusing itself.
Before beginning a solid base is always necessary to construct itself, if executed the bounces calmly without 'to harden to you', will be in a position to breathing to bottom adequately to allow you to continue without effort until being very trains to you. Indeed optimal E' for the sedentari, but also for the athletes, disabili, old and children.

E' also an optimal exercise that strengthens all the cells and therefore the entire organism (boneses, muscles, organs, etc.), and as we have already pointed out stimulates very many Sistema Linfatico. To Carter the pioneer of this activity (gives beyond 30 years) defines it: 'the up to now discovered shape of more efficient and effective exercise from the man'; many Institutes of Search and University (es. NASA, ACSM, AIR force, etc.) have already confirmed it and anch'io I can allegate it, being a promotore, educator and one specialist of the training. After to have made of the optimal physical exercise felt a lot is starved to you? You have wants, after one run of six kilometers, to seat to you and to eat one to you large bistick? It turns out that of usual it is not made. And because? Because thanks to a healthy respiration the organism has already had that of which it has need mainly.

Perhaps this will make to better understand, that that one us than which our organism and above all our cells has really and mainly need it is of an adequate and constant oxygen contribution and of a regular and opportune exercise.
Hour the sapete, it is necessary but to put it practically. Begun a cycle of 'aware respiration' with one specialist of the energetic respiration (Rebirther Breathworker professional), you buy a ReboundAIRTM and exercise to you to house regularly or attended a Course of Rebounding near a Club that promotes it. Also without having a specific objective, you experience yourselves and you amuse yourselves after, annotating all the feelings that tried before and.

Fatevi a photography before beginning the 'Program' and then rifares it you after a month and noticed the differences. E' practically impossible not to obtain of turns out to you amazing, to all the levels: physicist, mental and energetic.

If in this 'discipline', you would succeed to associate an alimentary behavior at least seed-vegetarian (without meats of animal origin: red meat and white woman), with a contribution of fresh fruit and verdura in abundance and cereals, legumi, soia, yield sand bank and mineral water (with residual fixed inferior to 100 mg/l) to pleasure; sure your health and vitalitÃ? would increase in incredible way and amazing, you I can guarantee.
All the one which you must make is to begin, like I have advised in order at least 1 month, a month of your long life, in order to experience one be of well-being and indeed excellent vitalitÃ?!

Considered that our organism could be approximately 1 month without food, therefore is not therefore difficult to eliminate for 1 month all the meats; while it is important drink pure water every day, our organism is constituted from 70% approximately of water.

Eaten with taste, thinking to nourish really the organism and all the cells, without to exceed; to eat little ago to save energy to our organism in how much the digestive process consumes much energy, therefore because to overload it? To eat and 'heavy' too much overloaded the organism that is forced to spend much energy for the digestion (thoughts to that feeling of sleepiness after a meal), with the paradox of 'eating in order to recharge us of energy'.

Shortly: learned the aware energetic respiration, fairies regularly the Rebound Exercise and 'you nourish yourselves' of alive and light foods; in 1 month to feel a such energy and force to you that you will always be surprised yourselves and convince in order. Welcomes in the world of the EXCELLENCE!!!


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