Weekend Internet Money Project - Internet Vending Machines

By: Iszuddin Ismail

Do you remember when you were a kid and you have that little piggy bank. Every now and then, your mom or dad, or your uncles and aunties come by and drop in a few coins for you.

What if I can show how to have that again - even if you are 70? That would be great right? No saving effort, yet you have a small little saving that you put a way every now and then.

Infact, later I will even show you how to turn this piggy bank into a line of vending machines, scattered all over the internet. You will have money thrown at your everyday, around the clock.

So here's your weekend internet money project, generating that little change for the rainy days.

I have been on the internet since 1997 and I think that now is the easiest time for you to make money from the internet.

Of course there are many ways for you to make money on the internet. But the easiest would in a way which you don't have to do a lot of things - no money handling, processing orders, no shipping or any of those things.

And even in times when you have to work, why not be it something that you like doing.

Consider this famous quote -

'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' - Confucius

And I think it is true. Doing something that you love is never a work. It is never a job - it's passion.

Now back to the weekend internet money project.

Why don't you start considering what is it that you love and passionate about. What you should do is share with the world about it. How? - Build a website.

Today, building a website is child's play. A seven-year old can show you how to build a website. And even if you are totally blur about the internet and computers, there are many tools and software that can help you with this.

Let's not go into detail on this. Let's talk about how to make money.

The big question is - How to generate money from your website. Now this is no secret. There are only two ways to make money from you website - the easy way.

  1. Google Adsense ()
  2. Affiliate Programs

Let's talk about Google Adsense. When you have build your website, register for Google Adsense program and start earning money for every clicks that you refer to advertisers. Just sign-up, get the advertising code and put it in your website. And that's it.

Google Adsense has a technology that will show relevant ads on your website. If your website talks about babies, Google Adsense will display ads on baby products. This will indeed increase clicks on the ads and increase you earning from Google Adsense.

Before you know it, this little website IS your little piggy bank.

But instead of having you mom or dad fill it in, you have somebody that you don't even know, willingly giving you their spare change.

I can't say how much you can really earn. Some clicks give you $1.23 and some just gives you $0.06. That all depends on the industry and how competitive that industry is advertising. But whenever anyone gives me a spare change, I take it.

Now, let's talk about affiliate programs. How does this work? This is again about advertising, but instead of earning by every click, you earn bigger money, but for every sales that occur.

The miracle of the internet has been able to track visitors from your website and being able to tell whether or not they purchased anything at the advertisers' website.

Unlike earning by clicks, a sales doesn't occur as often. But with affiliate programs, you earn more. You may be earning $0.23 for a click but you can earn $50 for a sale.

There are numerous affiliat programs on the internet. Some of the famous on would be like the one I list below

  1. Commission Junction -
  2. Linkshare -
  3. ShareASale -
  4. Dark Blue -
  5. ClickBank -

    ... and there are more ...

What you should do with affiliate programs is choose the most relevant affiliate programs to your website, and then start promoting them in your website. If you have a website about babies, find an affiliate programs on baby products. That is the way to do it.

Some affiliate programs indeed offer the $80 commission per sale but if that product is not related to your website, I doubt that any sale is to occur.

Now, we've talked about the opportunity of the internet and building your small piggy bank ... now let's talk about the action plan.

1 - Build Your Website

This is easy. Here are some tools that you can use that will help you make building and maintaining your website almost effortless.

Hosted Solution

  • Site Build It -
  • Website Wizard -
  • Third Sphere Hosting -
  • GoDaddy! -

Free WYSIWYG Web Page Editors

  • Amaya -
  • WebPage -
  • WebMatrix -
  • 1st Page 2000 -

2 - Always Update Your Website With Fresh Content

In your free time, always write more about the thing that you are passionate about. Just let the ideas pour in and write whatever it is that you are thinking about.

Some Other Tips I Can Share

Now, is there more things that I share? Well, yes! Just consider the following.

Tip #1 - Is There a Market for Your Topic?

Try considering how many other people have the same interest as you. If there are many people that have the same interest as you, they are your possible visitors. What you can do the check this out is to check how many people are searching for the related field.

Try out Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool where you can check out how many times a keyword was searched for the previous month. If there aren't many, you may have a website with no visitors.

Run through all the keywords relating to your passion in the tool and see. You might even find a topic that you can really focus on rather than a very broad topic. If you like cats, try cat food, cat care, cat clothing ...

If there are about 5,000 searches minimum for that keyword, you can go with that.

Tip #2 - Learn a Little Bit of Search Engine Optimization

This is the skill in which you try to get good listing in search engines.

Now, don't get too hooked up on this. Just do the basics. Learn a thing or two and start implementing it in your website. You can about this at the following website.

Tip #3 - Get People To Link To You

Now, on top of writing fresh new content for your website, why not every now and then, find another website and ask that website to link to you. You can even ask them to link to a specific article that you have.

You benefit in two ways from this. One, the visitors on the other website can know about your website and come over. Two, search engines like websites with many incoming links. So having many incoming links can boost your listing in the search engines.

Tip #4 - Turn Piggy Bank Into Vending Machines

Now, here's a big tip. Because when everything is up and running, you don't really have to do much - you can build more website. Each of this websites is like another piggy bank. But because you have so many of them, in every corner of the internet - it's like having vending machines in every corner of the town.

Now - how great is that?

In fact this is better than having vending machines. You don't have to refill them, you don't have to get out of your house - it's great.

Infact I myself is in the process of building my own small vending machines all over the net. I have a site on paintball, I have a site on airsoft, I have a site on computer cases, and a few more. And I want to add more.

When ever you feel like it's time for a new website, just think about what else you are interested in and start the work all over again.

So I guess that is all. To sum it all up, here is a short summary action plan for you.

  1. Find a field that you are interested in
  2. Qualify with Overture Search Term Tool
  3. Build your website
  4. Build links
  5. Build more content

So ... I wish you well. Start building your piggy bank ... err ... I mean your vending machines

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