Bangkok Residential Properties Market

By: Wantanee Khamkongkaew

Bangkok is the largest as well as the capital city in Thailand, strategically located in the heart of South-East Asia. Once a small trading center, Bangkok has now become one of the world's most popular destinations, and is regarded as the gateway to the country.

In addition to being a sought after tourist spot, Bangkok is also the financial, education, commercial, and economic center of the country. Many of the leading companies in the country are headquartered in Bangkok. Hence, it is not a wonder why property market, both commercial and residential, in Bangkok is booming. Discussed further in this article are different types of residential property available in Bangkok.

Residential property in Bangkok includes everything from houses, townhouses, and housing estates to condominiums, flats, and serviced apartments. In fact, the city boasts of some of the most wonderful residential properties in the world. Perhaps most sought after among the residential property types in Bangkok are apartments. You can see high-rise apartment blocks dominating the city's skyline. This option is highly popular among expatriates, since it is mostly attached with round the clock security services and repair services, apart from facilities such as state of the art fitness rooms, children's play area, and garden.

Another popular category of residential property in Bangkok is condominiums, which is more or less like apartments, only with the exception that they are mostly individually owned. This in turn allows you to rent it directly from the owners. Both furnished and unfurnished condominiums units are available. One of the specialties of condominiums is that it is the only type of property that could be owned by foreigners.

Residential property market in Bangkok also consists of serviced apartments. This choice is a great alternative over expensive hotel rooms, and is regarded as an excellent accommodation option for frequent business travelers as well as tourists who are here for long stays. Further, a host of benefits could be derived via living in a serviced apartment, including, privacy, excellent living style, and competitive rates.

A serviced apartment is mostly complete with all facilities and amenities that an upscale hotel renders, such as, tastefully decorated rooms, most sophisticated entertainment facilities, restaurants, superb dining facilities, swimming pool, 24-hour service, and daily maid services. Apart from these, some of the most luxurious apartment blocks come with facilities such as laundry services, coffee shop, convenience store, and bakery. The cost of a serviced apartment usually depends on the nature, size, number of bedrooms, and facilities and amenities in it.

For those seeking tranquility and want to be away from the hustles of city, then one of the best residential property choices is housing skirts that are mostly located on the outskirts of the city. Al though it not as sophisticated as living in a city apartment, housing estates are clean, and are noted for their traditional look. They are connected to the city center via expressways and other transport systems.

Likewise, if you are looking for a choice in a serene area which at the same time should be expensive, then townhouses are excellent choices for you. Townhouses are usually located in off main roads, and are usually in the form of multi-leveled, semi detached structures. Also, a popular type of residential property in Bangkok is house. In contrast to housing estates and townhouses, a house is a free standing spacious structure, mostly coupled with excellent facilities. However, houses situated in Central Business District are exceptionally expensive.

Residential properties in Bangkok is primarily concentrated around such areas as Chiang Mai, which in turn is a much favored spot among foreign nationals who are looking to settle down here permanently. Also, hot spots for residential units in Bangkok are Ram Intra, Rangsit, Nonthaburi, and Chang Wattana. Since it is within easy reach of almost all top attractions and superb facilities in the city, such areas as Central Business District are much sought after.

In addition, it can be provide you with a continuum of financial as well as personal benefits. However, a foreigner cannot easily own a residential property in Thailand, since laws in connection with Thai property acquisition is nationalistic. In fact, leasing is one of the most popular options for foreigners who cannot purchase a property in Bangkok.

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