Real Estate Investing Does not Have to be Complicated!

By: TC and Vickie Bradley

Do you know what is the hardest deal to ever do in real estate?

Your first one!

The challenge is that most people will quit before ever getting their first deal.

I also feel that there is sooooooo much information available in the marketplace that even getting started is almost as challenging as getting your first deal!

I think one of the reasons for this is there are so many ways to
invest in real estate!

Do I buy No Money Down?

Do I invest in Foreclosures or Pre-foreclosures?

Do I invest in "Fixer Uppers?"

Do I do "Flips"?

Do I adopt a "Buy and Hold?"

Do I Lease-Purchase or Lease option?

Do I buy "Subject to" the existing financing?

Do I buy Single-family homes? Condos? Mobile Homes? Apartment

You get the idea! There are so many ways to invest in real estate

Ok, let's say you're lucky to pick one way to invest in real estate, let's say Foreclosures. There seems to be a hundred ways to do a foreclosure deal! Now, in addition to finding your first foreclosure deal, you then have to figure out which of the hundred ways to do that deal!

I still wince in pain whenever I see a real estate program that has
anywhere from 12 to 36 CD's or audio tapes!

Who really has the time to go through all of that information?

And even if you make time, can you say, "Information OVERLOAD"?

We always said that we did not want to learn 100 ways to do a real estate deal but one simple, proven way that would take us to the bank!

We appreciate people that do not "Mickey Mouse" around and are direct and to the point!

So our strongest recommendation is to find one way to invest in real estate and then pay the price and really learn that one method.

Vickie and I recently went to our first "bootcamp" (yes we believe in continuing education)

During this 3 day event, there were 7 "guest speakers" and these speakers all had an upcoming "boot camp" they were promoting. The thing that blew us away was all the people who signed up for those additional "bootcamps".

We saw some folks that signed up for every one!

I wanted to scream out, "What about the information that was being presented this weekend?!"

When would these people ever have time to implement the strategies they were learning that weekend?

The reality is that most people would rather write a check then to take action!

So the only action they have in a year is going from Bootcamp to Bootcamp, a massive credit card bill, and to officially be a "jack of all trades" in real estate!

Do not try to be a "jack of all trades" in real estate!

Jacks of all trades in real estate never make the money that the specialist will!

Let me ask you a question: Who makes the most money in the health field? Is it the General Practitioner (Family doctor) or the Specialist?

The Specialist, of course!

Choose this day to become a specialist in one area in real estate and then apply yourself to becoming a Specialist in that one method!

Once you have mastered that one method, then and only then, you can diversify and learn another method.

A word of warning:

When choosing a course or training program on any real estate method, do not confuse the price of the program with the value of the program. Just because a program is a lot of money does not
mean that it has more value than a less expensive program.

Remember this and remember it well... The value a real estate course or training program has nothing to do with the price!

Just because it is expensive does not make it automatically better than a more affordable course. The value is only determined by the impact the course or training program has on that person!

This is absolutely critical!

In fact, we cannot stress this enough!

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