15 Key Steps To The Home Buying Process

By: Hamid Grinage

Here are the 15 steps that need to be taken to purchase a home:

1. The Initial Interview

Determine what you need and want in your new home

Discuss the parameters of your search

Discuss financing

2. Get Pre-Qualified By a Lender

Obtain a pre-qualification letter

3. Property Tours

View available properties that match your needs and emotions

Listen to you carefully to find out what features you need in your ideal home

Provide you with information about the current market and what it means to you

4. Find the Home That Matches Your Needs and Write The Offer

Writing the offer will take between 1-3 hours

Complete the purchase agreement contract

Deliver the earnest money deposit(this will be held until and accepted contact is created)

5. Present the Offer

Prepare a presentation by highlighting the strengths of your offer and your strengths as a buyer

Present the offer to the seller and the sellers' real estate professional

The sellers will either accept, counter or reject the offer

6. Counter-Offer

Discuss the counter offer and how it relates to your goals, and prepare a response

7. Escrow

When the offer is accepted and has been signed by all parties, the escrow will be opened

Your earnest money deposit will be deposited

The Escrow Officer will order a Preliminary Title Report and send copies to the lender and I

8. Loan Application

Submit a complete loan application and all the necessary loan documents to your chosen lender

9. The Contingency Period

Your approval of the sellers Disclosures

Your approval of the Preliminary Title Report

Physical inspections and pest inspections

Property appraisal and loan approval

10. Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Select an insurance company and discuss coverage

Give the insurance agent the escrow information(they will need to order a copy of the policy for the new lender prior to escrow closing)

11. Signing Documents at the Title Company

The lender will send the loan documents directly to the title company

You will receive copies of the title and lender documents

You will need a current photo ID

12. Down Payment and Closing Fund

Bring a cashiers check to the title company(depending on circumstances) several days prior to closing

The Escrow Officer will prepare a Buyers' estimated closing statement, which will itemize costs and credits, and estimate the total money due

13. Funding

The lender will wire the funds to the title company

14. Close Of Escrow

The deed will be recorded at the county recorder's office by the title company(you will receive the original back from the county in approximately six weeks)

I will coordinate the transfer of the house keys

15. It's Time to Move In!

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