Home Sellers--why Quality Photographs Help Sell your Home Faster

By: Nef Cortez

Remember the old saying "Image is everything."? In this day of
internet shopping for homes-- 87% of buyers last year used the
Internet to help find a home according to the National Association of
Realtors-- any homeowner interested in selling their home should keep
this idea in mind as they prepare their property for sale. With the
help of a professional realtor, a seller can get objective advice as
to what cosmetic "fix-it" items need to be addressed on their property
before their house is put up for sale and before any photographs are
taken. Just like the hair combing and primping that photographers
suggest their clients do before a photo shoot, a home seller should
view their home in the same way. Sellers should seriously consider
making a checklist of all the cosmetic to-do items (the primping
items) that need to be addressed before any photographs are taken.

Without a doubt, the first place they should start is in their front
yard and surrounding exterior. For many prospective buyers, how you
maintain the front exterior of your home can be the difference between
a buyer telling their agent that they want to take a look at your
house or to keep driving on to the next home for sale. This is what is
known in the business as "curb appeal". Next, as they move into the
interior of the home, a seller should do everything to de-clutter
their homes as soon as possible or even possibly consider "staging"

While attending to all these chores, the seller should keep in mind
that most home listings are now featured on major real estate websites
such as Realtor.com and almost any online MLS (Multiple Listing
Service), and prospective buyers will most likely get the first
glimpse of your home on the internet. Your photographs represent the
first curb appeal impression buyers will get of your property, so the
more quality photographs you have the better.

Consider, if at all possible, hiring a professional photographer to
take your pictures or hire a very good amateur photographer who
specializes in real estate photos. If hiring a professional
photographer is not within your budget, consider these tips as you or
your agent take your home's photos.

??Take lots of photos and try all sorts of angles.
Experimenting with the angles creates a much more visually
interesting photo. Choose the best photographs for your home's

??Interiors look best and much more spacious when
photographs are taken with a wide angle lens.

??Be sure to take photographs of your home's features that
are of architectural interest - a fireplace, beautiful windows with
great views, fish pools, pristine landscaping, etc.

??Be sure to take photographs of the exterior in good

??Make sure every photograph of your home is the best
possible choice! Aim for a neat, uncluttered and spacious look in
the interior rooms of your home.

"A realtors' association survey found that when it comes to web
features that buyers consider "very useful," 83 percent cited
photographs, 81 percent cited detailed property information and
60 percent cited virtual tours". As you can see, with the advent of
the internet and online home shopping, prospective buyers will be
able to view your home online first and see if your property is the
right match for them even before they actually do the physical
viewing of your home! Make sure that first impression is a good

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