Generating Real Estate Leads

By: Nancy Arlington

If you are new to the real estate game, or maybe even if you are a veteran agent, I have some tips for finding leads where you may have never thought about leads being found. There are ways of generating real estate leads that many people don't realize are staring them in the face. If you are one of the first agents to utilize one of these leads you may see a large amount of business generated from that simple action.

One of the first things to do after you receive your real estate license is to order your business cards. It is very exciting for some people to see their name on a card with the word "realtor" stamped right underneath. Don't make the mistake of only ordering 500 on the first batch and keeping them safe and sound in your desk drawer until your first anniversary of becoming a realtor. You should order 1000 or 2000 and hand them out at free will. Who cares if they cost you ten cents each, one card could generate a multi thousand dollar commission check for you. If you leave it in the desk drawer, it will generate nothing by dust. You should have a great desire to give them out like tootsie rolls on Halloween night. In other words, generating real estate leads is as easy as giving candy to a kid.

Remember, you should never give away a business card. Notice I said A Business Card. You should give away business cardS. Whenever you feel the opportunity arise to give a card away, make it three or four. If that person runs across someone who needs an agent, they are likely to say "Here, I have a card of an agent I met," thus generating yet another lead. You should give them to everyone you come in contact with - your kids' teachers, your doctor, your brother, your veterinarian, your butcher, your baker, and your candlestick maker.

Also, think about the countertops you cross everyday. There is a countertop at the dry cleaners, there is a countertop at the electric company, the cable company, the doctor's office, the bookstore, the fast food joint, and nameless others. There are also the message boards in the library, convenience stores, community centers, etc. where you can tack a few for other people to grab as they are looking for a realtor.

Home building shows are a great place to start with real estate leads. Many people who are interested in building their own homes are also interested in purchasing the land on which to build the home, and they will likely be ready to sell their home through you when it is time to do so.

A website is a key element in today's world. If you have a website that tells about you and your agency, you are more likely to retain a customer than if you do not have a website. And if you hold a site that has a listing or photos of the properties that you are offering, you are even more likely to attain a client. It is easier for many people to "window shop" from their home then call a realtor than it is for people to drive around town and look for a home on their own. Also, when a person is ready to sell their home, they take into consideration the fact that more people look at your website than drive down their dead end street. All of these factors contribute to generating a sales lead.

A real estate closing gift is something that some realtors think is not their responsibility. To an extent, they are correct, they are not a responsibility, however, they are important to repeat business. These gifts do not have to be expensive, they can even be homemade. Some agents are creative and can create a new floral arrangement or centerpiece for the homeowner, some agents just prefer a gift card to the local home improvement store or a quaint restaurant. Either way, the home buyer will remember that token and likely spread the word to their friends, and if you are still selling homes in five to ten years, they may even call on you to sell their home again.