Montana Real Estate

By: Seth Willis Jr.

Mountains and blue skies go on and on in Montana. Buffaloes still roam and the lake is tops for fishing. The waterfalls add serenity to the awesome beauty of Montana. Montana stirs the adventurous spirit of both young and old. Being the 4th largest of the 50 states, Montana revels in its vast open spaces.

Montana is Canada's neighbor on the north. Wyoming and Idaho borders the south; North and South Dakota on the north. Idaho sits on the west. Montana occupies a total area of 147,046 square miles.

Family vacations are also best held in the Big Sky Country. There is so much to do under the open skies. Many people have fallen for the charms of Montana, so it is not surprising that they decide to live there. People go for a house, log cabins, mountain retreats, condominiums or even farms.

When you decide to live here and want to buy a house you can approach reputable Montana real estate agents. They will help you find out the accurate real estate value of the property you want. There are a lot of Montana real estate companies you can shop for. These real estate firms can give you a comparative market analysis for houses in all areas. Montana real estate agents will provide precise facts to establish your real estate value. The price value of a home market value appraisal is definitive for a specific period - during the conduct of the analysis.

Montana real estate agents also provide the same service to lending institutions, assessors, insurance agencies, and property owners. Montana real estate agents have access to multiple listing networks. They can immediately provide clients with the latest information so they can place their offer at the soonest possible time.

When the deal is made, the funds legally are transferred to the real estate firm. This settlement includes the following costs:

origination fee
discount points
appraisal fee
credit report charge
recording fee
title search
and other costs determined during the closing


The average temperatures range from a high of 86.6 degrees to 8.1 degrees.


Several modifications of the state's tax structure are promoting a favorable investment climate. Other tax information are listed below:

Property taxes on all real estate are fully deductible against current income taxes. This also includes taxes levied by the state and local governments.

Taxes on second homes are deductible


Montana schools offer programs for the undergraduate teacher education and graduate programs in school administration. There are several universities, community colleges and state campuses throughout the State. Tribal colleges are also part of the educational system. There are also three independent colleges.

Industry - There are 9976 companies in Montana dealing with various industries.

Oil and Energy
Environmental markets

Real Estate

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