Take Your Marketing To A Higher Level

By: Charles Kangethe

This may come as a surprise... but many marketers are so busy, they don't have time to get to the next level.

Direct marketers are busy people. But sometimes you can be too busy for your own good.

So busy in fact that you fail to see the opportunities to move up a level in your career.

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When Richard Branson set up Virgin Airways, did he sit in his office and wonder if it would ever work? Did Bill Gates sit in his office wondering if anyone would want to buy his Windows product? No, they both knew they would be successful and worked unceasingly to make it happen.

When working to achieve your goals, you need that unerring sense of confidence and lack of doubt in yourself. You must Know it is going to happen and that you will succeed. We are not talking about thinking you will succeed, believing you will succeed or knowing you will achieve your goal. They are all intellectual forms of Knowing, Knowing with a capital K; that solid feeling in the pit of your stomach that you will make happen and you cannot fail. Expect it to happen and know there is no other way. It will happen. This Knowing gives you drive and commitment to see you through to the success of your goal.



Here is a simply 60 minute exercise that not only helps you identify the opportunities, but also helps you "Know It Will Happen."

Are You Too Busy To Succeed ?

Joe Karbo is one of the most famous direct marketers of all time.

In his book - The Lazy Man's Way To Riches - Joe explained a simple technique that helped him focus his thoughts and achieve his goals.

It's been said many times that what the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

How often do you take the time to conceive of let alone believe in your true potential ?

Many people seem to think that unless they are physically moving and doing things or actively thinking (or is that worrying) about a problem, then they are being lazy and unproductive.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Albert Einstein once asked "Why is it I get my best ideas in the morning while I'm shaving ?"

The answer is revealed in the technique you are about to learn.

The Technique

Step #1 - Find or Make A Quiet Hour Each Day

Find or make one hour each day to devote to a simple technique that yields so much benefit.

Step #2 - Get Comfortable and Set An Alarm Clock For 1 Hour

You will be in the position you choose for an hour so comfort is more important than whether or not you lie down or sit up.

Step #3 - Close Your Eyes and Count Your Breaths

In cycle 1 count 10 breaths in

In cycle 2 count 10 breaths out

Do each cycle twice and don't worry if you lose count - just bring yourself back to the count and carry on - The aim is to slow your mind down, and get physically comfortable.

Step #4 - Creative Visualisation

During this phase project yourself into the future and see yourself as you will be when you have achieved your goal.

Move yourself strongly into the future by imagination.

Use strong sensory perception to make the conception real. See the vibrant colours, feel the sun's warmth, the breeze and wind against your skin, take in the smells and tastes. Notice the clothes you are wearing.

Get involved with your surroundings.

Let your mind roam and enjoy the sensations - This is the conceive and believe in action and it must be real in your mind in order to take effect.

Step #5 - Ask Questions And Let Them Go

From time to time during your visualisation ask a question that is bothering you and then let it go. Ask the question by speaking the words silently to yourself and then just let it go.

Step #6 - Awake slowly When your alarm rings, bring yourself back to the present slowly before arising and carrying on with the rest of your days work.


When I learned this technique from Joe Karbo, I was sceptical - but I did it anyway - after all it costs nothing and it's a pleasant break in the day.

The strange thing is - It works !

Apply the steps in full with conviction, do it for 30 days and you will never look back.

What do these people have in common ?

Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Connors, Joe Karbo, Richard Branson, Thomas Edison, Mozart, Albert Einstein.

1) They are the best of the best in their chosen careers

2) They all use or used a form of creative visualisation

Will you give it a try from today ?

Relevant Resources

There are many self-help and creative visualisation web sites Browse for "Creative Visualisation".

There are many books on the topic but some that I have found interesting and useful are

Hypno Think - Ursula Markham ISBN 0-7225-0973-1

Creative Visualization - Shakti Gawain ISBN 0-553-27044-3

The Silva Mind Control Method - Jose Silva ISBN 0-586-04850-2

For the golfers amongst you

How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self Hypnosis - Jack Heise

ISBN 0-87980-073-9

Golf the Mind Game - Marlin M Mackenzie 0-440-50209-8

(c) Charles Kangethe

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