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Accommodation Dreamland Bali
by: Sophia

Hotels, resorts and villas are abundant in Bali and Dreamland Villa acknowledges the fact that competition is stiff. Other establishments pride themselves in providing a variety of activities and pampering its guests, while Dreamland prides itself with its service and its privacy. With only 39 villas to watch over, Dreamland has a relatively large roster of 150 service staff. There have been reports of break-ins around the area and the necessary security staff has been put in place to ensure the safety of the guests and their belongings. The service staff at Dreamland is just immaculate. Initially they might seem a bit scarce, but such stealth is required to ensure the privacy of the guests. When called upon, they are quick to respond and are always smiling at the same time too.

Dreamland Luxury Villas and Spa makes full use of its facilities to lure the romantics and many activities are specifically designed for couple's. Breakfast is served every morning at their only dining outlet, the Terrace Restaurant, and tables are set for two but that can be easily modified to accommodate more upon request. Candle-light dinners can also be arranged at the Balinese gazebo in your private villa and you can request for flower petals to be spread upon the pool to add to the already romantic atmosphere. Besides the Terrace Restaurant, the only other entertainment outlet within Dreamland Villa is the Sunset Bar which is located above the lobby. It is open daily till midnight, and it serves many different sorts of drinks both of the alcoholic and non alcoholic variety. Alternatively, guests can take the shuttle to the Dreamland Beach Club which is a private café at Dreamland beach itself. There are a variety of drinks and light snacks to go with the beautiful view of the sunset. Shuttles to and from the beach leave every two hours. In addition to Dreamland Beach , shuttles to Kuta are also available.

The recent addition of a wedding photo shop allows newlyweds to take home the experience of dressing in traditional Indonesian wedding clothing and posing for the camera. Each package comes with a professional photographer, a choice of traditional wedding outfits as well as a photo album upon completion. If you're looking for a slightly more physical couple's activity, try the bicycles made for two that are available for rental. Despite having private pools in each villa, there is also a public pool located next to the Terrace Restaurant.

Another feature of Dreamland Villa would be the spa. The Dreamland Spa explores the use of traditional Indonesian health and beauty treatments. Many of the oils are mixed in house and there are a variety of aromatherapy massages to choose from. Once again, couples are able to enjoy a private room for two that comes complete with a tub.

The only shortcoming that Dreamland faces comes from the amenities within the villa. Despite having a shower jet massage, the water pressure is a bit low, and if you're really unlucky you might just get trinkles instead of a massage. Some days, you might just be compelled to take one bath instead of three, and substitute the remaining with long dips in the private pool. In any case, there are many other activities to partake in with the extra time.

Dreamland Villa has all the makings of a romantic couples and honeymooners retreat. There aren't many activities designed for children and entertainment around the area is pretty limited. The privacy that comes with the remote location and the activities made for two won't be very appealing to groups of odd numbers but the peace, silence and serenity found here will be a dream come true to many.

Address : The Dreamland,
Jalan Raya Uluwatu Gg. Tegeh Pall No.69

About The Author

Sophia, Writer for Malaysia

Sophia is a music graduate from Trinity College London and has racked up 7 years of teaching experience before the age of 25. In between classes, she still finds time to write movie and music reviews for various online and print publications. Now venturing into travel writing, she is able to blend both her passion for wordplay with her passion for travel. She loves a good adventure and welcomes a challenge. Armed with her brutal honesty as well as a sense of humour, she now seeks to put her adventures into words.

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