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Kuta & Legian Area
by: Celestine

Where shall I begin to describe this wonderful place? Perhaps it is best to start from its beginnings… Kuta was discovered by surfers and sun worshippers back in the 70’s, where Kuta was still a virgin island of tight trees and forested grounds. More than 30 years later, Kuta is still the choice for surfers and sun worshippers with the addition of 5-star hotels, backpackers’ bungalows, fancy boutiques, galleries, and night scenes! Kuta beach is still the top list choice for stunning sunsets.

As for me, I spent my time in Kuta on a rented bicycle pedaling meditatively on my way, just going where the wind takes me. When I stopped by the beach, I found a nice spot, spread out my beach sarong, laid back and got ready to read my favorite novel in wait for the beautiful view of sunset. A huge, orange-red sun saying good bye to the million pairs of eyes looking dreamily towards the endless horizon of Kuta. There was just that gather of white clouds hanging above the sun, perfectly completing that aesthetic picture and then finally, the sun’s bottom touched the horizon and slowly vanished seemingly into the water. When the sun is at its lowest point, the sea and the whole beach seems to be awashed with a warm, orange glow. It is this precise moment that leaves us with such a deep peace that the image will last forever in our minds.

15 minutes away from the airport, it is easy to find transportation to drive you from Kuta to anywhere in Bali. As for accommodation, hotels come in small inexpensive ones to pricey private villas and resorts. Book your hotel in advance, especially during the holiday season. If you plan on staying at Kuta for more than a month, you can try to find a small bungalow at Poppies Lane 1 and Poppies Lane 2 at a very affordable price. They might not have the facilities of a 5-star hotel, but with swimming pool and a comfy bungalow Rp.200, 000/night (US$21.80) for 2 is such a good bargain! Here at Poppies, you may also find small decent restaurants serving local and international cuisines at reasonable prices. But as for shopping - souvenirs and such – they are rather expensive. And if you do go to Kuta beach, you will find beach vendors that sell (mostly in a pushy way) bracelets; necklaces, etc. remember to bargain in most cases.

At Legian road, you will find the monument of the first Bali bombing in 2002, in remembrance of the people who passed on due to the awful event. This is the busiest road of all of Kuta. Legian is slightly further away from Kuta although some people consider Kuta and Legian the same place. There are rarely traffic lights yet it is jammed up frequently due to the number of taxis on the road. As for entertainment, the nightlife in Kuta never sleeps. After dinner, some people love to enjoy their night at lounges and after midnight, they continue dancing all night long at the clubs.