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Bali Mountains
by: Celestine

Here, standing tall are some of the greatest mountains in Bali, such as Mount Agung (3142m) and Mount Batur among other fascinating dive and surf spots on the coastal side. Back in the kingdom era, East Bali was the place of three powerful kingdoms, Klungkung, Karangasem and Bangli where till now some of the palaces still remain for visitors to explore. ‘Contrast’ is the exact word to describe the picturesque East Bali. From flourishing rice fields on the hill, standing side by side with the highest volcano mountain in Bali (Mount Agung) at the Karangasem regency, haunted temples in Nusa Penida, down to the coastal side where you will find Amed, Tulamben and Candi Dasa, where great waves await to be braved by enthusiastic surfers and divers.

  • Besakih Temple
    Freely translated as ‘Noble Mountain’, this stratovolcano is the highest point on Bali Island and one of the biggest volcanos in Indonesia. Its deep and grand crater despite rarely belching out smoke and ash, when it actually does erupt (last in 1963) it killed more than 1000 people and totally wiped out some of villages nearby. However that particular incident brought to pass a great phenomenon - its lava flows did not destroy the mother temple of Besakih, which was sitting at the slope of Mount Agung, causing firmer faith in the devotees and an increased number of visitors to the sacred place. Gunung Agung is considered a holy place as the Balinese believe that this is where the Gods reside and they think of this site as the Palace of the Gods.  From the top of this mountain, you can even see the peak of Mount Rinjani over at the Lombok Island.

    If you love hiking, conquering this mountain is a must. There are three ways to climb the mountain, from the south, south-east and west. The most common route is the one from the west side, starting from the Besakih temple where many local guides can help you with the path. It’s a long hike (about 2000 vertical meters, total one way distance is almost 5 km), so you better start very early in the morning, and equip yourself with the proper footwear as you will find many loose soil and rock along the way. Prepare also your rain gear, flashlight (as you will mostly be in dark forests), and your own mineral water. The only source of water is a well and it is considered too sacred for casual usage like these.

  • Mount Batur & Trunyan, Bali Aga Village
    Mount Batur, another volcanic mountain sits mysteriously at the central east of Bali. Today, Mount Batur is still active and brings you unbelievable landscapes waiting to be explored. Located at the Bangli regency, this mountain is famous among tourists, both Indonesian and foreigners alike. With its fresh air and cold breeze this place will provide to you a brand new atmosphere on your Bali trip. Before the eruption in 1917, there was a temple called Pura Batur on the west side of mount Batur. But now it’s gone. Besides that religious erection, mount Batur also has a blue-colored lake called Lake Batur.

Mount Agung (Gunung Agung)
Jungutan Village, Bebandem, Karangasem District 80861, Bali

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