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Bali Beaches

Beaches In Bali
LegianAt the Legian you can basically do whatever you wanna do – play paddle ball, football, get a massage, manicure, read, meditate, exercise… Here it is easy to differentiate the workers and the holidayers. The former has a lot more cl...

Lovina Beach
A well-known beach at the north coast of the Island of God where you can actually see dolphins swimming around and greeting you with their claps and squeaks! It stretches down the whole north coast with small villages like Kaliasem & Temukukus, Kalibubuk, Anturan, Tukad Mungga and Pemaron as ...

Diving In Bali
Discover the other side of Bali where the sand is black, dry and rocky but the deep blue ocean and the friendly locals more than make up for any romantic sense of loss. Trapped between heaven and earth, Amed beach consist of villages stretching along the coast from...

Candi Dasa Beach
Best known for its beautiful beach and fishermen village, Padangbai is actually a harbor for small and big ships. There are 2 sacred temples around Padangbai, which are called The Silayukti Temple and the Tanjung Sari temple. A 53km drive from Amlapura city with small hotels for accommodation dur...

Nusa Penida Bali
Nusa Penida region consists of 3 isles, which are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. These isles, located on the east-west side, approximately take about 90 minutes by boat from Bali. Another secret place for some private time on beautiful white, sandy beaches and obviously a great s...

Uluwatu Beach
For those fanatic surfers out there, I would surely have no need to describe Uluwatu for you. This is likely to be your beach haven and you know it inside out. Uluwatu beach is just that indescribable, perfect paradise for surfers. Besides the wonderful scenery accompanying the waves in this love...

Bali Surf Spots
Menjangan IslandAfter diving at Amed and Nusa Lembongan Island, don’t get satisfied… not just yet. You should go complete your diving trip with a journey to Menjangan Island, a small isle on the west side of Bali. It sho...

Sanur Beach
Sanur is renowned as Bali's first beach resort; Sanur is also the largest traditional village in Bali . You might imagine that Sanur is just one amongst the many villages in Bali which has extraordinary beaches. I couldn't blame you, but if you hear about its history and witness its beauty you wi...

Jimbaran Bay
What was in the thoughts of the Italian surfer’s mind when he discovered and named this beach a great many years ago? Well, he surely named this beach perfectly to my imaginative delight. Have you ever been here? I’m sure you will find it as heavenly as I do… If you’re staying somewhere i...

Double Six Beach
It’s all about soaking up the sun in the trendiest beach in Bali. Double Six Beach is the perfect beach to show off that gym-enhanced form, accompanied by an adorable Chihuahua and a bottle of ice-cold beer. Frequented by European expats and tourists, the Seminyak area is arguably the hub of styl...

Bali Padang Bay
There are several beaches in Padangbay, with the best requiring a bit of a climb, but in the end proving worth the effort, because pantai kecil (Little Beach) has a true bounty island setting. To get there, hike all the way back to the harbour, and turn left after the police post at the ...


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