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Beaches In Bali
by: Celestine
  • Legian
    At the Legian you can basically do whatever you wanna do – play paddle ball, football, get a massage, manicure, read, meditate, exercise… Here it is easy to differentiate the workers and the holidayers. The former has a lot more clothes on compared to the latter. The second group of people in the Legian all seems desperate for a golden tan, which isn’t difficult to get and in the nicest way possible in this lovely beach of swirling skirts and beautiful waves. Another wonderful thing about this place is the array of different nationalities all busking together under the sun, giving an additional experience to the place with the colours of the world vibrant and alive here.

  • Jimbaran
    This sleepy cove where little fishing boats huddle together has some time ago been livened up by the opening of Four Seasons Resort and Intercontinental. It has steadily gotten more and more vivacious what with the grilled seafood restaurants being set up all around the beach and the water sports equipments being available for rent.

  • Kuta
    This beach was one of the places well-loved by the hippies of the 60’s. It is now the centre of Bali entertainment – shopping, clubbing, food etc. You can find them all here and at the top of its notch. Yet do not ever forget to bargain! The shop vendors will be merciless if you don’t show some cunning. In Kuta you can basically do everything you would like to at a beach and more!

  • Tuban
    Here in Tuban is where all the big hotels can be found. This is the stretch between the airport and Kuta, and it is a lush area with good security.

  • Uluwatu
    Formally the dedicated playground of the best surfers, the developments that have ensued on the barren bukit and this means that the beach is now more accessible and anyone and everyone can take advantage of the stunning coasts. The go-getter surfers looking for the best spots that others wouldn’t bother venturing to in the hassle that’s involved have now lost their exclusivity to Uluwatu.

  • Sanur
    It takes about 20mins from Kuta to travel to Sanur. This beach is located on the eastern part of Bali. It is ideal for snorkeling and just chilling, attracting millions of paradise-seekers each year. Besides being the first beach resort, Sanur is also where Bali’s largest traditional village is.

  • Nusa Dua
    A posh place with big name hotels lining the smooth white sandy beach. Some of these resorts are so exclusive they even have their own private beaches but in all, most areas are accessible.

  • Nusa Lembongan
    This beach is one of the more popular destinations for day cruises on the many pleasure boats sailing from Bali. You can also do diving or snorkeling which are also very popular here as the aquamarine bays are brimming with colourful sea life

  • Padang Bai
    This beach is also the harbour where boats from Lombok take off. The fishing village here is a lovely, laidback place where a short walk over the headland will take you to intimate white sands.

  • Candi Dasa
    This beach is the gateway to east Bali. It used toi be heavily eroded away because of the coral picking that was the main source of livelihood for the locals then. Now beach restoration efforts have been started and tidal walls erected to maintain the beach.

  • Lovina
    Lovina beach is one of the few coves between Singaraja and Seririt that offers peaceful, safe waters. Despite the grayish tinge of the sand, it is blissfully quiet and well-loved by the crowd who shun the glitzy loud beach resorts of the south. A sight well worth the watch is the dolphins that play in the water just off Lovina beach…

  • Tanah Lot
    This beach in Bali is in the west coast. It is exotic and beautiful.However the seas here are treacherous and surfing isn’t recommended for beginners. For safe swimming do head on to another beach. The rice fields here are the most fertile in all of Bali.