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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » Bali Beaches » Candi Dasa Beach
Candi Dasa Beach
by: Celestine

Best known for its beautiful beach and fishermen village, Padangbai is actually a harbor for small and big ships. There are 2 sacred temples around Padangbai, which are called The Silayukti Temple and the Tanjung Sari temple. A 53km drive from Amlapura city with small hotels for accommodation during your trip. There isn’t much to see but the beautiful sandy beach is worth the visit.

Another magnificent, quiet beach with stunning views for you to encounter. There are many versions of how its name become Candi Dasa, one of them is that the name Candidasa was inspired by a statue near Lingga (inside the Candi Dasa temple), where you can find Hariti, a goddess whom is believed to provide welfare and prosperity for those who pray here. She is surrounded by her 10 children (dasa=10 in ancient Bahasa). A source from an ancient manuscript also states that Candi Dasa temple was built in the 12th century.

The magnificent Candi Dasa, is a small charming town where you can enjoy your stay for a day or two. There isn’t much to the town of Candi Dasa itself, just one road parallel to the beach, so your feet will do just fine. The best reason to stay in Candi Dasa is to take advantage of the peace, relaxation and historical riches of the eastern corner of the island. This site is famous for its beautiful temples and cheap hotels.

As for the Candi Dasa beach, you can spot the Lombok Island and Nusa Penida from the distance. At night, you can indulge in the beautiful stars in the sky as well as the dazzling lights from the local fishermen boat, called Jukung. It is a 12-hour drive from the Amlapura. Ever since it opened for tourists, many hotels were built along with restaurants and others. There are more than 50 small hotels and bungalows to choose from and superb restaurants too. If you have spare money to spend, try the Alila Manggis, 3km west of Candi Dasa. This exquisite hotel is the perfect escapade, with great facilities and a Balinese touch in décor. The restaurant is also known as one of the best in Bali. This hotel is highly recommended.

From Candi Dasa you can drive to Kamasan Village, which is the center of classical wayang painting style. If you are interested you can visit the Kamasan Art Centre to practice some of the arts, like gamelan, dance, silver crafting or painting.

Some of the bungalows and hotels are:

  • Amankila
  • Royal Bali Beach Club
  • Amartha
  • Anom Beach Inn
  • Candi Beach Cottage
  • Nirwana Cottage
  • Rama Candidasa
  • Lotus Bungalows
  • Flamboyant Bungalows

Candi Dasa Beach
Bugbug Village, Karangasem District, Bali

Address : Candi Dasa Beach,
Jalan -

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