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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » Bali Beaches » Uluwatu Beach
Uluwatu Beach
by: Celestine

For those fanatic surfers out there, I would surely have no need to describe Uluwatu for you. This is likely to be your beach haven and you know it inside out. Uluwatu beach is just that indescribable, perfect paradise for surfers. Besides the wonderful scenery accompanying the waves in this lovely place, there are also many small local cafes providing light snacks for those who want to fill their tummy before surfing. However, if you do not surf, it does not mean Uluwatu isn’t the place for you. Look out for all the sweet little moments served out to you on a plate in every nook and cranny of this amazing place.

The beach is right down the hill so you will have to go down several stairways to reach it. As I walking down, I saw a monkey swinging from one tree branch to another. I felt so at one with nature right at that point. Now, just before you finally reach the beach you will come to this cave with water drops on one side due to the high tide the night before. Beautiful!

Let me describe to you what I love about Uluwatu Beach… its white sandy beach with that handful of people sunbathing while the rest are far off in the distance trying the waves. I also like the idea of Uluwatu being a rocky beach, with all those corals right at the side of the coast. Do you know I had my own private pool right down at the beach! Yes, there are no tides or waves here and you can actually have a proper swim. Just stand on one end of the rock, examine some of the small sea fishes looking for food in the delightfully clear ocean. Wow… beyond my wildest imagination!

Just like many other places, here many resorts and first class spas offer to spoil you silly, completing your perfect holiday.

Uluwatu Beach
Pecatu Village, Kuta Selatan, Badung District, Bali

Address : Uluwatu Beach,
Jalan -