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Bali Surf Spots
by: Celestine
  • Menjangan Island
    After diving at Amed and Nusa Lembongan Island, don’t get satisfied… not just yet. You should go complete your diving trip with a journey to Menjangan Island, a small isle on the west side of Bali. It should take you about 20 minutes from the Labuan Lalang port to Menjangan Island. This island is especially famous for its diving and snorkeling being the home to hundreds of colorful little fishes and exquisite life corals, both soft and hard. On the north coast of Menjangan, you will witness Bali’s oldest dive shipwreck, the Budak boat wreck. It is said that this wooden shipwreck is a Balinese slave ship from the 19th century.

    Don’t worry, though this is a small island, you will be able to find many hotels complete with great facilities at international prices.

  • Medewi
    Another great place for the surfer enthusiast, one of Bali’s premiere surf spot and is the longest point break in Bali. Located just a few km west of the Jembrana coast, Medewi is a stretch of giant smooth grey rocks with some black sandy patches where most of the locals make their living by fishing. Do remember though, no sunbathing or swimming is allowed here due to the rocky beach.

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