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» Overview of Jembrana
Overview of Jembrana
by: Celestine
  • Demography
    The regency of Jembrana is located in the west part of Bali. It consists of 4 subdistricts which are then divided into 51 villages/administrative villages(desa/kelurahan). This area covers around 841.8km² with around 220,000 people of a density like 261 people per km². The people of Jembrana rely heavily on their agricultural sector to make ends meet. This consists of produce like rice, water melon, vanilla, clove, buffalo, ox, chicken, fish of lemuru and prawn windu.

    Jembrana has likely got the most ethnically diverse community in Bali. There are the malay-speaking people of Bugis descent, the Christian Balinese and of course, the traditional Balinese communities just to mention some.

  • Geography
    This regency is a hilly area on the southwest coast of Bali.
    North Jembrana is a mountainous region and is part of West Bali’s National Park. The latter can be found in two regencies – Jembrana as well as well Buleleng.

  • Attractions
    The National Park is the last natural habitat of the endangered jalak putih. Less than fifty of them are left in the wild but still under the threat of poachers. The park also houses banteng and deer-like looking menjangan. This place is a collection of different natural environments – mangrove coastal forests to savanna and rainforests. There is also a crocodile farm and a zoo in this region.

    In Candikusuma in the south, there are two temples specially built for the legendary figure of Dnag Hyang Nirartha. They are the Indra Kusuma temple and the Taman Sumur Bulus. A story tells of how in 1897, two Dutch officers were attracted to a light coming from the ground in Candikusuma, and thus went to check it out. It turned out to be a kris (supernatural dagger).


  • Melaya

  • Mendoyo

  • Pekutatan

  • Negara
    This city is reputed for its bull races held every year between July to October. These races are part of a celebration to commemorate the end of the rice harvesting season. Water buffalos are also made to pull tiny carts, decorated brightly for the occasion, down the race track. These races are judged on speed and style, and can be a very exciting event.

Jembrana District