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Indonesia » Bali » nightlife » Clubbing and Discos » Double Six Club
Double Six Club
by: Galuh Wulandarie

For those who cannot resist the allure of the nightlife, addicted to the raging up-tempo beat of trance music, Double Six Club is a must to go. It is adjacent to two other night clubs, De Ja Vu and Paparazzi, all with the Indian Ocean greeting them just outside their front door. However, of the three, Double Six Club is the only one which opens until 6 in the morning!

Double Six Club is the Mecca of the party scene here in Bali, a destination known amongst clubbers and party-goers as their nightly stop all 7 days a week. It has been the chosen spot to host the world’s superstar DJs, including DJ Sasha (UK), DJ Tiesto (NL), DJ Pete Tong (UK) and others. Double Six Club also plays host for special events thus completes its status as an important entertainment spot. This place is massive; it can cater to more than 1,500 people during special events with its world-class sound and lighting systems.

This place is seriously for excitement-seekers. How many else would dare jump off a 44-meter bungee jump at night! At the Double Six club you can experience the tallest bungee in South East Asia! This is an official A.J. Hackett bungee, best known as the founder of the sport and most reputable and safest in the business.

The Double Six Club charges for first drink entry costs about Rp50,000 to Rp.100,000 (depending on the day) for which you will get a voucher for a bottle of local beer or a glass of soft drink. As you step in be prepared to be overwhelmed by the expansive multi-tiered dance floor complete with the sounds of upbeat, acid, rave and trance music banging merciless all around you. This inviting party atmosphere will not fail to groove out the stiffest partygoers and have them boogie down especially during the peak time between 2 am – 5 am.

If you like cocktails, they are averagely done here. But to heat up the night and catch up with all the fun you have missed, I believe a pinch of salt, a twist of lemon and another heave of Jose Cuervo is the ticket. Here, having a small conversation with beautiful ladies in flirtatious outfits is in fact effortless; a dazzling smile of yours will easily do the trick. Friendly tip: Do note that a few of these ladies are social escorts fishing for foreigners.

Once again, welcome to Double Six Club where the night is always young and don’t you even think about ending your night before sunrise. Enjoy!

Double Six Club
Double Six Road, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361-731266

Address : Double Six,
Jalan Double Six (Arjuna) 66

About The Author

Galuh Wulandarie, Writer, Indonesia, Bali
Achieved her bachelor degree in Communication science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Galuh Wulandarie is a seeker in adventure. Having worked in Bandung and Bali to start her journey, now she finds her true passion writing articles for Streetdirectory Indonesia  and so her journey continues.

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