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Bali Events
by: Celestine

Don’t be surprise if almost every week you will find ceremonies and festivals during your visit in Bali. Some of the important religious ceremonies are:

  • Galungan and Kuningan
    Balinese really pay high respect to the Gods .These ceremonies happen once every six months, and are to celebrate the winning of Dharma (the Goodness) against Adharma (the Evil) and also to say grace to the Gods for all the good things happen in life.

  • Nyepi
    Nyepi is the Balinese New Year, called Icaka and usually happens in March each year. There are no activities at all during this day and Bali looks to be a dead island. You are not allowed to go outside the house, use electricity, light a fire, or do other such activities. You have to stay and contemplate and evaluate on what you have done with your life for the past year.
  • Saraswati
    Saraswati is a holy day to celebrate the science as the light for the wisdom in life. This event usually occurs on a Saturday, and it is mostly celebrated at schools and other education centers.

  • Ngaben
    Ngaben is a sacred celebration to honor the ancestors as a symbol of the union of the five body elements by cremating the dead and also a symbol to transmit the spirit to the upper level.

  • Odalan
    Odalan is the birthday of the Pura (temple). At this ceremony, the Balinese ask their Gods for a better future and a prosperous life for the people and universe.

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