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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Bangli » Overview of Bangli Regency
Overview of Bangli Regency
by: Celestine

Bangli Region is divided into 4 subdistricts, 4 administrative villages and 65 villages.
Bangli occupies over 520.81 km² of land with a population of 197,210. This is one of the regencies in Bali that is not surrounded by sea but provides some of the best scenery in the island of Bali. There are two zones in the Bangli regency:

    • Batur and Kintamani Area
      These are volcanic highlands which stretch down all the way to the sea near Tianyar and Tejakula. Mount Abang (2150m), Mount Batur (1717m) and Lake Batur (in Kintamani) all reside in this zone. Mount Batur is technically a small volcano, but it is situated in the heart of an enormous crater with a 14km diameter. Right next to this sight is the huge half moon lake, completely enclosed by the high walls of the crater’s rim. This view is particularly amazing…

      Mount Batur has been inactive for more then ten years now except for that occasional wisp of smoke from its crater. The hot springs it has at its base is another indicator of any volcanic activity. The last major volcanic eruption was in 1927 which covered the original village of Batur with lava.

    • Southern Bali Area
      Specifically referring to the upper rice-growing areas of South Bali, this place does not consist of any particularly tailored tourist attractions. Overlooking Gianyar and Klungkung, there is something enchantingly beautiful about this place untouched by the promotional needs of the tourist industry. Discover the magic of the villages firsthand as you walk through the real life, through the soil and sky of the village people.

The main economic focusses of Bangli is in its agriculture, tourism and industrial manufacturing of small craft especially for the support of its tourism.
There are 4 Kecamatan (sub-districts) in Bangli known as:

  • Kintamani

  • Susut

  • Tembuku

  • Bangli
    This sleepy little town comes to life every other three days which is their market day where villagers from all the surrounding regions flock to the eastern side of town to barter their wares.

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Overview of Bangli Regency

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