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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Buleleng » Overview of Buleleng
Overview of Buleleng
by: Celestine

Buleleng consists of 9 Subdistricts (146 administrative village and 163 traditional villages).This place has its own unique social and cultural features due to its being isolated from the south by the central volcanic ridge and vast expanse of forest. This regency stretches across nearly the whole of northern Bali from east to west.

The coastline rice plantations reach almost to the sea and there are lovely peaceful beaches alongside, perfect for all kinds of water sports and scenic enough to just chill and do nothing.

The area of Buleleng is 100 to 1,000 m above sea level. As of 1999, there are 577,644 people living here with an average density of 423 people / km². 8.5% of the land is used for rice cultivation, 21.4% plantations, 35.6% state forest, dry farming 31.5% and 3% others. 
The following industries can be found here:

  • Bamboo Crafting, Silver Crafting, Woodcarving, Banana food, Puppet Painting, Glass Painting, Wayang Kulit, Bird cage, Iron, Rice, Aluminium, Brick, Tile, Weaving & Batik

There are 9 Kecamatan (sub-districts) in Buleleng known as:

  • Gerokgak
  • Seririt
  • Busung Biu
  • Banjar
    Banjar is where the only Buddhist monastery is in Bali. The architectural design of the monastery is a mixture of Balinese and Southeast Asian styles. Banjar also have hot springs that locals and tourists alike enjoy.
  • Buleleng
  • Sukasada
  • Sawan
    This town is a centre for traditional dance and music. Sawan is a scenic place with beautiful rivers and mountainous landscapes.
  • Kubutambahan
  • Tejakula
    The village of Tejakula has preserved the original dance tradition of the Baris Gede (warrior dance) and the renowned wayang wong (performed during Galungan festival).
  • Singaraja
    This city used to be the capital of Bali during the Dutch colonization. Today, it is a combination of kampungs, shops, colonial houses and governmental offices.
    Here in Singaraja is also where you can find the highest waterfall in Bali. Some of the most beautiful Bali beaches can also be found here especially Lovina beach. This beach even offers the view of dolphins! More infor on Singaraja

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Overview of Buleleng

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