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Indonesia » Bali » nightlife » Clubbing and Discos » Paparazzi Lounge
Paparazzi Lounge
by: Galuh Wulandarie

Gentlemen! Get ready for a night at the Paparazzi Lounge by preparing your most flamboyant outfit, your polished-up shoes and slap on some extra hair gel for the best groomed look. As for the ladies, slip on that sexy avant garde dress you’ve been longing to wear along with a pair of well-matched high heels and glossy make-up. Be as trendy and as in vogue as you can because that is what Paparazzi Lounge is all about.

The Paparazzi Lounge is connected to the Double Six Club although with a separated entrance. This is the upscale and fashionable version of the Double Six Club. There are actually strict rules about dressing here despite the general inclination to dress up for the place already. It is likely to maintain the classy feel of this glamourous place. This is truly the place to mingle with the glittery crowd - I even spotted famous football player Christiano Ronaldo sipping his drinks here once.

This glitzy joint is actually petite compared to Double Six. With its deep red interior, modern minimalist furnishings and décor with a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean, Paparazzi is the perfect place to relax while sipping a drink you wouldn’t consider having in other places. Like for example a glass of Chocolate Martini? The deejays surely understand the edgy kind of chill out quality the place is trying to create and thus play more of a soulful, progressive, soothing sort of music, the kind where you can dance to but in a more elegant manner. At its peak hour, around 1 am, be prepared to feast your eyes on the sights of beautiful ladies and gorgeous hunks. There are always winks and generous smiles all over this place, and chatter in a myriad of different accents - French, Australian, Italian, Spanish, English - you name it. If you think Paparazzi closing time at 3am is not late enough, you can just prolong your dance experience by venturing over to the Double Six Club and party until the sun rises.

Remember…it’s all about having a good time immersing in the classy vibe of the Paparazzi Lounge!

Paparazzi Lounge
Double six Road, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361-7424466

Address : Double Six,
Jalan Double Six (Arjuna) 66

About The Author

Galuh Wulandarie, Writer, Indonesia, Bali
Achieved her bachelor degree in Communication science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Galuh Wulandarie is a seeker in adventure. Having worked in Bandung and Bali to start her journey, now she finds her true passion writing articles for Streetdirectory Indonesia  and so her journey continues.

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