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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Denpasar » Overview of Denpasar
Overview of Denpasar
by: Celestine

This is the big city, the centre of all government offices and the capital city of Bali. Denpasar used to be the base of the Badung kingdom, and then it became the center for the Bali government in 1958. Though the area is notorious for traffic jams, big roads, and is packed with shops and buildings, that do not mean you have to keep away from the city to experience Bali. Bali does need Denpasar to balance the activities around the island, to keep it more stable after all. It is still a mixture of modern and old, nature and man.

Denpasar has got some major tourism spots such as the remains of ancient buildings made in the style of Balinese architecture. There are city-tours where you can experience and learn about the various cultural attractions of Denpasar. A standard tour starts from Pemecutan Palace, proceeds to Kuta Palace, Satria Palace, and Kesiman Palace then to the old and then newest temples in town. The journey continues with visits to the Bali Museum, Finger Print Museum, Le Mayeur Museum, and Archeology Museum in Sesetan. There will also be a chance to do shopping at Kumbasari, the river-side market of Pasar Badung. Finally, head down to the Satria Bird market and Kereneng and complete your tour of Denpasar for the day.

  • Geography
    Administratively, Denpasar city is divided 3 subdistricts, 43 village/administrative villages, has an area width of about 12.780 ha which consists of 3,147 ha of rice fields and 9,633 ha of land which can not be used for planting. It is located on the 8º-35’-31” - 8º-44’-49” south latitude and 115º-10-23” - 115º-16’-27” East longitude on the map and has the population of about 4,080 people/km with a growth rate average of 3.01% per year.

    From that number of people, 44.44% is located in the west area and 24.90% can be found in the east area with 28.66% in the south area. As a capital of the Bali Province, Denpasar is a center of all activities especially economic ones. In the year of 2000 alone, PDRB which is about 3.1 quintillion rupiah increased about 12.60%.

  • Home Industries
    The crafting of wood idols is one the industries here. Generally, each subdistrict has its own unique characteristic in its wood crafting designs. Just as Denpasar Selatan is dominated by the Buddha statue, Denpasar Timur is dominated by Chicken hutch, farmer, fishermen, animal and pop art. Other industries in Denpasar include Silver, Garment, and Kipas Cendana (nice-smelling hand fan).


  • Denpasar Barat
  • Denpasar Timur
  • Denpasar Selatan

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