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Indonesia » Bali » Accommodation Guide » Hotel Review » Hotel Conrad Bali: Maximal minimalism for modern primitives
Hotel Conrad Bali: Maximal minimalism for modern primitives
by: Emma Kwee

Hotel Conrad is one of the newest additions to the already well filled hotel strip of Nusa Dua. Opened in March 2004 it has in a very short period established itself as one of the top hotels in the region. As a visit made apparent, it is not difficult to see what caused the Conrad's reputation.

The huge marble coated lobby of the Conrad hotel resembles a ballroom and if it wasn't for the backdrop of the turquoise shimmering Indian Ocean that is visible from the far end of the lounge one might mistake oneself to be Cinderella instead of a visitor of Bali. No misbehaved stepsisters here that will make you polish the floor luckily. Instead, visitors are greeted warmly by the friendly staff dressed in yoga resembling outfits, that fittingly convey the atmosphere that one will find here: Inner peace in a balanced, stylish environment.

That feeling is carried on upon entering the spacious rooms. Inner peace is spurred by the contemporary design cleverly mixed with ethnic artefacts, what they call 'modern primitivism' here. It is an interesting combination of top notch modern minimalism and traditional features, that works surprisingly well. The use of organic materials such as marble and tropical woods are part of the designers' touch and the result is a well balanced atmosphere that makes you feel at home as soon as putting your suitcase down. The real eye candy is the view that each of the rooms offer from the balcony. Let your eyes cast over the humongous swimming pools and lagoons that are spread out in the well maintained back garden and flow into the Indian Ocean.

The Conrad has its own private beach where the quiet waves don't even dare to interrupt the calm haven that this hotel has created. Comfortable gazebos set in a well kept landscaped garden invite you to lie down and dream away while gazing in the distance, its only drawback being that the beach isn't as attractive as other beaches that Bali offers; the strip is quite small and at places somewhat overgrown with seaweed. But who needs the beach when you have a pool like the Condor? For a real Venetian feeling you can even book a room right at one of the lagoons, with immediate pool access.

Hungry for more? The 3 restaurants home to the Conrad are bound to test your tastebuds each in their own unique way. The Suku offers primitive modern island cuisine, Spice brings the flavours of the Far, Middle and Near East closer to home, and Eight Degrees South dishes up freshly grilled seafood on the beach. Other than that, poolbar Azure and lobby lounge East will provide spectacular views to accompany your cocktails to top it all off.

All in all the Conrad makes its 5 stars shine with pride. The luxury and at the same time down to earth and homely feel make this hotel an excellent choice.

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Address : Conrad Bali Resort & Spa,
Jalan Pratama 168

About The Author

Emma Kwee
Emma is a Dutch born and bred Indonesia lover who after years of traveling stranded and lost her heart to the same country her father was born in. She studied anthropology and wrote her thesis about punk in Indonesia. Currently living the good life in Bandung, writing for streetdirectory.com while sipping fresh coconut juice under a palmtree, she's planning on staying put for a while.

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