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To Do In Bali
by: Natalie Aranda

The island of Bali is located in the tropics, just about 6ΒΊ South of the equator. Blessed with warm temperatures, where the variation is very small throughout the year, with sunrises at 6 am in the morning and sunsets at 6 pm. Gentle climate, friendly people and modern Villas in Bali, make this place a paradise on earth.

When planning your next vacation consider the Sanur beach, situated in the southeastern side of Bali, and just a 10-minute drive from Denpasar. Bali Villas located in this area are excellent to jog on the sandy beach and watch the sunrises. Many of those villas near the ancient temple were constructed as the first resort centers developed on the island.

If you want to rent a Villa in Bali located on the opposite side of Sanur, the beaches of Legian and Kuta are situated in the southwest part of the island, offering surfing and other activities that watersports enthusiasts will enjoy. With many shops scattered all over the seashore, pubs and other facilities, Kuta has become the Indonesian tourist Mecca.

Traveling to any of these destinations brings you not only to Bali Villas, but also to memorable experiences enjoying the local culture, public dance performers and the pleasant and varied environment surrounding each setting, ranging from natural wilderness to romantic gateways and spiritual landmarks.

Nusa Dua is the newest luxurious resort area on the island, where you are more likely to find the most sumptuous Villas in Bali, including hotels, condos and other world-class facilities. The crystal clear water of this beach provides excellent diving and snorkeling, featuring also waves on the northern and southern area of the beach for surfing.

People wanting to rent a Villa in Bali closer to a romantic setting, the Soka Beach in the northwest of Denpasar, offers a small quiet beach, located on the way to Gilimanuk, the ferry port town connecting Bali and Java. Nearby, and along the path towards Gilimanuk, the Medewi Beach in the village of Pulukan enriches the spirit and soul of locals and visitors.

Lovina Beach is near the northern tip of the island that lays a stretch of Bali Villas by the Bali Sea, with excellent snorkeling and diving, as well as chartered boats to go out into the sea. Sunset watching approaches paradise from here, a beach not as crowded as the Kuta Beach.

Last but not least on your list of Villas in Bali, are those located in Jimbaran, which offer the convenience of being located south of the airport. Jimbaran is considered as the narrow neck of the island, providing the village with the benefit of two different beaches: on the east facing the Benoa Harbor, on the west, facing the Jimbaran Bay and its luxurious resorts and Bali Villas.

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