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Guide To Bali
by: Celestine

Before going to Bali, we keep asking ourselves, “Why are there so many travelers calling this island “The Island of Gods”. In Balinese mythology, it is said that the gods created the place to be special. Its purpose is to be a shrine, housing all the deities and the land was sacred. Once visiting the place, we are consistently reminded of this story with the locals’ constant celebration of it. This is an island where god and goddesses statues are found every few hundred meters i.e everywhere from the road junction of a road to shops, paddy fields, hotels and motels, you name it! You also cannot help noticing the locals offering their prayers almost every other hour as well.

Bali is definitely a paradise island. A classic tropical island that has something for everyone of any age. If you are looking for beaches, Southern Bali is the place to go (though it may be too commercialized and filled with beach vendors). If you are into arts, you must visit Ubud. This is Bali’s Cultural and Artistic Centre with interesting galleries and crafts shops. If you are into trekking, the northern part of Bali will keep you busy. From climbing Mount Abang or Mount Batur you can also opt for buggy driving here. We must warn you though that to climb Mount Abang is about 4 gruelling hours and you need to set off at 2am in the morning to get a view of the magnificient sunrise. And after enjoying the view, there is still the way to make down and that is another 4 hrs. Rookie trekkers do take note of this to mentally prepare yourself for the activity. If you are looking for fantastic seaviews, Uluwatu is the place. Perched on a limestone cliff 70meters above the Indian Ocean, this is apparently Bali’s holiest site where an 11th century temple sits.

Filled with charm, culture, mysticism and some of the most magnificent scenery on earth, Bali has enchanted visitors for centuries and is also home to people rich in spirituality and who embody qualities of gentle friendliness. This place is also full of tourists from Australia, UK and Japan. Apparently, the most Japan provides the most number of travelers to Bali these days.

Bali offers picture postcard, white sand beaches fringed with palm trees and a lush interior of sloping rice fields. Volcanic mountains such as Mt. Gunung Agung and Mt. Batur rise from delicately terraced rice fields, palm groves and white sandy beaches. Dance, music, sculpture, wood carvings, painting and puppets depict the daily life of the Balinese and celebrate the eternal struggle of "Good and Evil" - the very essence of this Hindu island, the "Island of the Gods". In short, Bali truly has captured the imaginations of generations of travelers looking for the ultimate tropical escape.

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If you are planning to visit Bali, you may want to take note that the wet season which takes place from October to April (the following year), with heavy rains in January and February. While the peak season occurs in July/August, as well as during Christmas holidays (from December 15th to January 15th), the best period to visit Bali is actually May to June, which are the coolest months (28°C) and a not too crowded time to enjoy the place.

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