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Bali Places To Visit
by: Celestine
  • Sanur
    This place is the total opposite of Kuta. Nope, don’t get me wrong, the wonderful views are still the same but this is the place to watch the SUNRISE. Yep, do the drill, at 5 am wake up sleepy and doe-eyed, give yourself a nice long stretch and then head down to Sanur beach… you will be one of many witnesses to the absolute beauty of Mother Nature. This beach is very famous for its laid back, carefree cafes on the small street. There are many hotels and restaurants to choose from, possibly the reason why most of the more elderly people prefer to choose Sanur as their destination to stay. It is also only about 20 minutes ride from Kuta by car.

    For the younger group, you can also find water sport activities at Shindu’s beach, provided both by locals and by the hotels there. The beach is rather clean but it has unfortunately been transformed by the government with added paved sidewalks from the north to the south, perchance to make the beach look nicer yet at the same time losing its authentic feel.

  • Nusa Dua
    Relax and relax, and let your worn out body surrender to the magnificent beauty of Nusa Dua. There are not exactly many specific places to visit though it is filled with internationally-acclaimed hotels and resorts all at international prices. This is the place for ultimate luxury. If you like golf, Nusa Dua has a world class golf course with mountainous scenery as its backdrop. ‘The Bali Golf and Country Club’ has been quoted by Fortune Magazine, USA to be “One of Asia’s Best Golf Courses”. As for the beach, it is yet another distinctive white sandy beach on the south coast of Bali
  • Ubud
    Personally, I would pick Ubud as my favorite spot any day. When I was living in Bali, going to Ubud once every 2 weeks to take my mind away from Kuta’s busy scene was a must. Ubud indeed, is another major tourist site in Bali but it is different in its own way. Many developers tried to build clubs and cafes around Ubud, trying to make it like Kuta. But time did prove Ubud to be unlike Kuta and eventually, the clubs and cafes died out. Only a handful of these night spots which identified with and suited Ubud’s style survived. It seems that Ubud does not care much about the other places in Bali. It moves on its own pace and lane. Each banjar (there are 12 of them), has their own gamelan orchestra, a major palace, a major market and more. They are very rich in culture and inspirational in a million ways.
    Places of Interest:

    • Ubud Market
      Right at the heart of Ubud, a big market that sells traditional handicrafts and souvenir goodies for tourists. Always remember to bargain!

    • Monkey Forest
      A temple inside the monkey forest, Puri Dalem Ubud (Temple of the Dead), is now the home for hundred of monkeys, or for this matter, macaques.

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