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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Karangasem » Overview of Karangasem
Overview of Karangasem
by: Celestine

The regency of Karangasem with Amlapura as its central town is one of the 9 regencies/towns which is located in Eastern Bali. This region of approximately 839.54 km² consists of 8 sub-districts: Karangasem, Manggis, Rendang, Selat, Sidemen, Abang, and Kubu divided into 71 administrative village residented by 369,320 people. Karangasem has a tropical climate with exotic and natural beauty.

  • Geography
    Karangasem is situated in the eastern part of Bali, which is full of interesting places to visit as well as amazing beaches. A terrible volcanic eruption occurred on March the 17th, 1963. Many villages and temples were covered with Mount Gunung Agung’s red fury. Thousands were killed either by burning or suffocation. Villages like Sorga and Lebih, high up on the slopes of Agung, were completely wiped out. Besakih on the other hand, only 6 km away from the crater, fortunately suffered little damage.

    Today, Mount Agung is in a state of quiet and lots of devotees and tourists frequent the mother temple, Pura Besakih, that stands 1000m up its slope. This temple is actually Bali’s most important and thus possibly, best-maintained temple. It comprises of about 30 separate smaller temples in seven terraces lined up the hill. Every district in Bali has its own shrine or temple here in Besakih, and nearly every Balinese god is being honoured here.

  • Home Industries
    The matting bamboo industry has expanded in Karangasem and a lot of them are utilized basically to daily needs like the making of baskets, kettles, gedeg and others. Nowadays however, a development of artistic interior items like bokor, latern, trash bin and so have been experimented with.

  • Attractions
    There are lots of Attractions in Karangasem. Some of them includes Purak Besakih, Padang Bai, Candi Desa and many more. Click for more interesting spots in Karangasem


  • Kubu
  • Rendang
  • Abang
  • Sidemen
  • Selat
  • Bebandem
  • Karangasem
  • Manggis

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