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Visa In Bali
by: Celestine
  • Diplomatic Visa
    The diplomatic visa is specially for foreigners holding diplomatic passports traveling to Indonesia on diplomatic work.

  • Service Visa
    The service visa is specially for foreigners sent by their governments or international organizations, holding service passports traveling to Indonesia on non-diplomatic work.

  • Transit Visa
    The transit visa is specially for foreigners temporarily needing to land on Indonesian grounds to make their way to another country. This can be continued by air, land or sea. The visa is valid for 90 days from its issued date but has only a staying time of 14 days from the arrival date.

  • Transit Visa on Arrival
    These transit visas are specially for foreigners in emergency cases needing to land on Indonesian grounds in wait for the continuation of their journey to another country. This has to be properly verified by the relevant authorities.

Visitation Visa

  • Single Visit Visa
    The single visit visa is valid for 60 days and is specially for visits with these reasons:

    • Holiday
      There is particularly 10 nationalities that are eligible for short term visit visa EXEMPTION. The single visit visa is for those nationalities outside of the 10, visiting Indonesia for holiday or for scouting business opportunities, especially in tourism.

    • Social or Cultural
      The single visit visa is also for visits due to social, cultural, religious or medical purposes. Examples are like visiting family or social organizations in Indonesia, or exchange visits.

    • Business
      The visa is valid for business activities but this does not include employment or anything which requires the acquisition of money for services provided. Business activities that are legal to do on this visa are stuff like conducting a temporary business assignment for example, inspections of subsidiary companies, or to perform emergency work. Attending international conferences or seminars or performing journalistic visits are also valid using this visa.

  • Multiple Visit Visa
    This visa is valid for a year but each visit must not be more than 60 days. It can be used for business traveling but not for temporary work. Do note that passports have to have minimum 18 months validity.

  • Visitation Visa on Arrival
    The validity for such visas is for a period of 30 days. Only the 10 countries that are exempted from needing visas to visit Indonesia are entitled to get the Visitation Visa on Arrival. Do note that passports have to be valid for a minimum period of 6 months. Also, take heed that you might need to show evidence of living expenses while in Indonesia and be able to produce a return or forward ticket.

  • Limited Stay Visa
    The limited stay visa is for frequent travelers to Indonesia coming for the following reasons:

    • To finding investments in Indonesia.
    • To work as a professional at a government or private institution.
    • To perform religious duties.
    • For training or scientific research.
    • To join up with one’s husband/wife living or with Limited Stay Permit in Indonesia.
    • To join up with one’s parents living or with Limited Stay Permit in Indonesia. (For ages below 21).
    • To apply for restoration of citizenship. (For ex-Indonesians).

    This visa is valid for a year but not beyond the validity of the holder’s passport.
    To apply for one, the following is necessary:

    • Applicant’s identification proof
    • Recommendation letter from sponsor in one’s country or Indonesia
    • A full and updated version of applicant’s resume
    • Birth Certificate (for children with intention to join parents in Indonesia)
    • Marriage Certificate (for spouses with intention to join their other halves in Indonesia)
    • Original and photocopy of recommendation letter from institution working for (for those coming for religious, or other institution-sent purposes)
    • Recommendation letter from technical department, Department of Manpower and the Investment Coordinating Board, and a copy of agreement letter to the employment of foreign labour (for those who want to work)
    • Proof of former Indonesian citizenship and record of living expenses in Indonesia

  • Visa on Arrival to Visit Indonesia
    This visa has a three day use limit or 30 days from the issued date. This visa is non-renewable. A fee of US$10 is charged for a 3-days stay or US$25 for a 30-days stay.

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