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Bali Rules
by: Celestine

When visiting Bali, please take note of the following dos and don’ts.


  • Don’t Buy Drugs
    Drug-peddling happens mostly in Kuta. As you saunter about the streets you will hear people whisper,”cheap drugs, mushroom, ganja etc.” CLOSE YOUR EARS AND HEAR NONE OF IT! Indonesia is very strict especially for drug offences. Undercover agents might be anywhere and everywhere…

  • Don’t Do Tattoo Art With Dangerous Chemicals
    Many tattoo artists use dangerous chemical textile dyes which are not suitable for use on the human body. The color is dark black, and can cause permanent welting in the shape of the tattoo design. Ask for Henna instead as it is problem free because of its natural quality.

  • Don’t Drink Tap Water
    Always drink only bottled water and canned drinks. Never drink directly from the tap!

  • Don’t Forget Your Insurance While Doing Dangerous Sports
    Many people travel to Bali to experience various kinds of sports. Some of which are actually rather dangerous. If you tend to be driven by your love for thrills and want to try some of the more challenging sports such as bungee jumping, surfing, parasailing etc, do ask about insurance. If they don’t provide one, make sure your personal insurance covers any accidents while you are in Bali to safeguard yourself. In the midst of exploration we shall not forget our own responsibilities to self.

  • Don’t Deal with Commissioned Money Changers
    Be precise is my advice for this matter. There are 2 kinds of money changers; one with commission, one without commission. The one charging with commission offers a higher rate, but the commission charge is taken off the total. The one without commission offers lower rates but no charges are taken off. We suggest dealing with the no commission one. These are the ones with the “No Commission” sign. Bring your own calculator (some of theirs are ‘fixed’) and double check the money before you leave.

  • Don’t Swim Beyond the Red Flags
    Only few beaches have coast guards. Always swim between the red flags, and do not risk swimming too far out if strong currents occur. Always leave your belongings with those you know and trust. Do not leave them unattended.

  • Don’t Bargain For the Fun of It
    In most areas you will find street vendors selling souvenirs from Bali. Don’t bargain just for the fun of it. This is because if you end up not buying after engaging in a furious bargain battle of wits, you will end up being chased for miles. Just don’t look for that second too long or enquire as to how much if you are purely browsing with no real intention of purchasing.

  • Don’t Tip At Places Where Service Tax is Already Added
    Some hotels and restaurants add 21% tax, 10% for government and 11% for service. Additional tips will be appreciated, but there no hard rule in this matter. A minimum Rp 2000 per person is okay, you may add more if you are impressed with the service.

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