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What To Do In Bali
by: Celestine


  • Do Protect Yourself from Malaria
    Though Bali and most parts of Indonesia are considered malaria-free; dengue fever is still a problem. Guard yourself against mosquitoes with insect repellant and other such applications.

  • Do Keep In Mind the Medical Centres Available
    Several western standard clinics available in Kuta area: BIMC (Bali International Medical Center) 0361-761-263, and SOS Medika (International SOS Clinic) 0361-755-768. Save these numbers in case of emergencies. If things do happen, take note that it is better to take a taxi than wait for the ambulance to arrive. Ask for help from the hotel’s staff…

  • Do Check the Authenticity of the Halal Food
    The most common cuisine is the Balinese cuisine and other Indonesian foods that are rich in herb and spices. If you’re not game for this, it can be a problem dependingly on one’s taste. Adapting is of course the best way as you can truly experience the delights of Bali in this way. Do check the cleanliness factor of the restaurants before you decide on one. If by chance your stomach repells the unfamiliar food, there are many pharmacies (Apotik in Bahasa) around to provide the basic medicinal help.

    If you are a Muslim, do note that Bali is unlike Jakarta where halal food is available everywhere. Bali is predominantly Hindu, so pork is actually readily available. Make sure you ask whether they serve pork before eating in the restaurant. Most sellers might just claim they serve halal food even when they have pork dishes.

  • Do Use Sunscreen
    If you are not used to the sun, don’t risk burning your skin by sunbathing for too long. Use plenty of sunscreen and put more after swimming.

  • Do Be Respectful towards the Religious Practices
    Attending ceremonies: The Balinese are highly respectful to their religion and ancestors. Check on the Balinese calendar for their weekly praying. Before and during the monsoon period they pray at temples (known as Pura). You may attend one but you must be accompanied by the locals and wear their traditional sarong and sash. All ceremonies must be treated with respect. Never honk your motorbike or car when they parade to their temple. These are serious occasions and should be treated as such. Do not walk in front of those who pray and do not step over their offerings which you will often find in front of stores or corners. The temples are considered very sacred places with customs that women during menstruation or anyone with bleeding wounds are not to enter. The Pemangku (Hindu’s priest) is very respected by others and so it would be gracious for you to be courteous as well.

  • Do Take Note of Flight Procedures
    Mid 2006, the Bali Government finished new roadways to and from the International Airport, Ngurah Rai. Initially the roads might look confusing and so you can look out for this new road. Reconfirm your flight 72 hours before the departure time. For international flights the departure tax is Rp 100,000 for domestic flights it is Rp 20,000. Due to baggage check procedures, it is preferable to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight time.

  • Do Guard Yourself against Petty Crime
    The Balinese believe in Karma, so you will rarely find petty crime on the street. If you do, the thieves will most likely be from places outside of Bali. Carry all your valuables in a front carrier pouch. If you must leave your valuables at the hotel, try to put them in a safer place, for instance inside your locked suitcase or hotel deposit box. Most of the time whenever there are cases of crimes it has usually be known to occur in the hotel.
  • Do Sign Up with the Available Tour Packages
    You can easily find many packages and tour guides that could help you on your holiday. Once again, it could be a better option compared to getting lost in the middle of your honeymoon or holiday!

  • Do Cross the Roads Safely
    Look both ways and keep your ears perked when you are crossing the road. The motorbikes here never seem to stop, always in a rush for some reason or another. Once again, always look both ways!

  • Do Bargain to Half the Quoted Price
    Do not bargain if you do not intend to buy the goods and if you really want to buy, always bargain to at least half of the asking price. Some vendors can be very difficult but you will just have to put your foot down. You can bargain at most of the places, except for big departmental stores.

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