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Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Selasar Sunaryo is an Indonesian-born artist who built this gallery in the green hills of Dago, as a dedication to the Indonesian art world. Born in 1943 and studying fine art at ITB, he graduated in 1969. Because he didn't want to limit himself to the use of one particular me...

Cihampelas Bandung
Jalan Cihampelas is, amongst the tourists, better known as Jeansstreet . In the past, it was a cheap and therefore, popular place to score some new jeans. Although the prices have been increasing steadily, and a bargain is found better in other places in Bandung these days, Chihampelas i...

Dago Bandung
The Northern part of Bandung, which is known as Dago, is situated in a mountainous area that makes for a refreshing cool climate and luscious green views. It is easily accessible by both car and angkot. The mid-point is the lower Simpang Dago , a busy crossroad, where a Mc Donald's and i...

Braga Street
Jalan Braga is located in central Bandung, and connects Jalan Asia Afrika, named after the famous conference of the non aligned nations in 1955, and Jalan Lembong. It is the place in Bandung where you can see remnants of its colonial past, and what happens to them if maintenance is disregarded. T...

Cibaduyut Bandung
Jalan Cibauyut in the South of Bandung is to shoes what Cihampelas is to jeans. The statue of two bronze shoes at the beginning of the street conveys it all: shoes of all sorts and sizes make up the bulk of what this street sells. Unfortunately, as in so many other cases, the sh...

Istana Plaza
Bandung, as all big cities in Indonesia has its fair share of malls. The popularity of these concrete constructions increases day by day, so new concepts and ever larger buildings are erected throughout the city. The sky is the limit, developers seem to think, and Indonesians appreciative of the ...

Itb University
Bandung is known as a student city and one of the most renowned educational centers in Indonesia. Its 7 Universities attract thousands of students from all over the archipelago. It its easily detectable when you find yourself in the neighbourhood of a university. First of all the large number of ...

Museum Geologi Bandung
The Bandung Geology museum is the biggest and most complete museum in Indonesia of its kind. Unlike other museums that seem to be gathering more dust than visitors, it is a well kept place that attracts large number of visitors. Opened as early as 1929 as a geological center, by again, t...

Bec Mall
Bandung Electronics Center , BEC for short, is the place to go if you're looking for a handphone or anything related to these communication lifelines. It is also a perfect place to see to what extent Indonesians have become accustomed if not obsessed with these gadgets. Over 4 floors of new and s...

Bandung Super Mall
Bandung Super Mall, or BSM in short, is the newest addition to the already crowded consumption arena of Bandung . It is located on Jalan Gatot Soebroto , and not that hard to find because everybody knows it and frankly, it's humungous, so it's not hard to miss seen from a car or bus. It ...

Wisata Tangkuban Perahu
The 1830 meter high Tangkuban Prahu volcano is one of Bandung 's main tourist attractions. With its 5 craters of which at least three are still active, it makes for a spectacular sight. Unfortunately, the s mel l is equally spectacular, the sulphur mostly resembling rotten eggs. The volc...

Ciumbuleuit Bandung
Ciumbuleuit is the name of an area in North Bandung , and a typical Sundanese word with lots of different vowels that makes pronouncing this word somewhat like a work out for your mouth. The main road, Jalan Ciumbuleuit, starts in tacky Cihampelas, the busy shopping street lined with lif...

Bandung Milk Center
Unlike many countries in Europe where milk is part and parcel of everyone's daily diet, milk in Indonesia is considered somewhat of a specialty. For many years, breast feeding has not been very popular and most babies were raised with powder milk. In recent times, this is changing and slowly the ...

Skate Park Bandung
In recent years, extreme sport has become more and more popular among the Indonesian youths. Unfortunately, since traffic is chaotic and law enforcement is anything but liberal, outdoor places to pursue these sports are rare. In Bandung , a local group of skaters have opened up a sk...

Barbie House Doll
On the street a man is painting a giant dolls house candy pink. A sight you don't expect seeing when you find yourself stuck in traffic. He continues painting with diligence and accurateness surrounded by honking cars and traffic fumes. After numerous times passing the same scene SD decided to ta...


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