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Hotel Review
Information about hotel at jakarta.

Kemang Icon Hotel
Set in one of Jakarta’s most upscale and trendsetting neighborhoods, Kemang Icon comes with a fresh concept for your dynamic urban living. With avant garde architectural designs and ultra modern facilities, you will find a peaceful haven amidst the hullabaloo of the Kemang area. Especia...

Kemang Icon
Opened on January 21, 2006, Kemang Icon is truly an exciting place to live, work and play. Designed with the unique integration of business and leisure lifestyles, you may find the place a little bit too intriguing at first. Instead of a reception desk, on the ground floor you’ll find various c...

Alila Hotel Jakarta
Nominated as one the 150 best hotels in the world by Best Hotels magazine in January 2006, ALiLA Hotel Jakarta provides not only elegance and comfort, but also functionality at every aspect. Catering to urbanites and corporate executives, at ALiLA guests may expect unparalleled comfort in the r...

Alila Restaurant
We were delighted to have breakfast in Buzz restaurant that morning. Nominated by the Indonesian Tatler as one of Indonesia 's Best Restaurant for 2006, we were quite eager to gain first hand experience of its excellent food and services. With an open view towards the Zen-like garden of ...

Alila Jakarta Hotel And Resort
Guests’ privacy and comfort are of the utmost concern at the hotel. With these priorities in mind, in February 2005, the hotel opened the Executive Ladies’ Floor on the 15 th Level. Catering to lady executives, these lilac-colored suites are designed to be feminine, yet functional. Besides the sp...

Dharmawangsa Hotel
Just away from Kemang, in a prime residential area in the south of Jakarta which has truly taken off with an emergence of a raft of businesses, The Dharmawangsa is a true emerald in its own unique way. This elegant hotel seamlessly combines the nostalgic feel of Indonesia 's history with 21 st ce...

The Dharmawangsa
The Dharmawangsa consists of 64 rooms and suites, and one presidential room. All rooms are spacious with special themes, exquisite fabrics and unique furniture. Catering to urbanites and on-the-go business travelers, the hotel has 13 function rooms. Apart from its efficient secretarial services, ...

The Dharmawangsa Hotel
Indulge your palates and savor eclectic dishes at Dharmawangsa’s restaurants: Jakarta RestaurantJakarta Restaurant’s interiors are a stylish fusion of classic and contemporary elements. Patrons are welcomed by Jakarta Tempoe Doeloe (known a...

Manhattan Hotel Jakarta
In the heart of New York City is the cosmopolitan Manhattan district, where purveyors of style converge.  The Sunlake Group of Hotels, the team behind the successful Metro Hotel, now brings Manhattan sophistication to South Jakarta’s Golden Triangle area with the Manhattan Hotel. ...

Manhattan Accommodations
Spice up your business trip with some of Manhattan Hotel’s featured facilities: Gynmasium According to Mr. Sandy, most quests frequent the gym after work to skip the rush hour traffic before going home.  If you don’t feel like giving your muscles a...

Manhattan Hotel Restaurant
I had a nice breakfast at the Central Park on the 3rd floor. Central Park’s large picture windows welcomed the early morning sunlight in, giving diners a much-needed energy boost. The breakfast buffet offers a selection of western staples such as fish in garlic and butter sauce, potato wedges, ...

Hotel Mega Anggrek
The Mega Anggrek is part of the ‘Mega’ Hotel network. A local hotel business which guarantees that their hotels will be..well, actually there’s no guarantee of what the hotel would be like except that there’s hot water, air conditioner, and a decent, acceptably comfortable bed. The rest is vari...

Grandkemang Hotel
After the much-awaited renovation which began in 2004, the grandkemang Hotel promises to return with more zest and color in order to spice up its guests’ life. The grandkemang was born in 1975, one of the first hotels ever to make it in the Kemang area. In 1994, the hotel experienced its first ...

Grand Hotel Kemang
‘Classy and unique’ is how one would describe the facilities and activities available in the grandkemang: Swimming poolThe swimming pool itself is rather classic, medium sized with a kiddy pool alongside it, but the poolside area is chic and pleasa...

Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi
The services and facilities offered at Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi would not put the years of its history to shame. Experienced and polished in its skill of catering to distinguished guests, the sound of its name rings a familiar and honorable tone. Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi may look slightl...


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