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Kebayoran Baru
by: Dina Indrasafitri

The District of Kebayoran Baru is home to a number of affluent and renowned neighborhoods. Probably the only district in Jakarta which follows the system of ‘blocks’, its attempts to change this trend into the more-common ‘sub-districts’ or ‘keluharan’ model have been less popular.

Initially set as a satellite residential area, the district soon grew to be one of the areas with the most facilities and landmarks. One of its distinguishing traits is the number of shopping facilities, from traditional markets to luxurious shopping centers. The Mayestik Market and Blok A Market are two famous traditional markets in the Kebayoran Baru district, each with its own rough and challenging charm.

Shopping malls are easy to find with the Blok M area being the start of it all. Inside the area are several shopping options, from the stuffy underground Blok M Mall to the upscale Pasaraya Grande with its luxurious MPX Grande Theatre. The Blok M area has since become the target for Jakarta shopaholics, and wondering into its nooks and crannies can be quite the adventure. Take extra safety precautions when wandering into the dodgier areas such as the Blok M Mall or the narrow Melawai streets though they are a model setting for pick-pocketing or possibly more serious, crimes.

Blok M area also has one of the largest and systematic bus stations or ‘terminal’ in Jakarta . If you should ever visit the bus station and think that its chaotic lines of bus and incessant shouting of people is not really what you would expect of a system, then we take it that you haven’t been to the other stations in this town! Believe us; although the Blok M Bus station may not be as neat as your sock drawers, this is the closest you can get to ‘organized’ in Jakarta . Besides, it is said that once you’re in the Blok M Bus Station, you can go to virtually everywhere you want to in the capital city.

The Senayan area or sub-district is another shopping heaven in Kebayoran Baru. There are plenty of choices for you here, such as the cozy Plaza Senayan, the stylish Senayan City and the Senayan Sport and Trading Center or STC.

Good news for golf enthusiasts! The Senayan Golf Club, inside the Senayan Sport Complex, is located comfortably near the Jakarta Stock Exchange Building and the Plaza Senayan. A great way to relieve your mind from working pressures without having to go far from the office! If you are more interested in other sports, there are other sports offerings located inside the complex that will excellently satisfy your interest in various kinds of sports, ranging from basketball, tennis, and even softball.

A number of excellent hotels can also be found in the district; the lush Gran Mahakam in Barito and classy Mulia Hotel in Senayan being a few of them. Middle-range hotels with decent services are also available, such as the Melawai Hotel in Melawai and the Century Park Athlete Hotel in Senayan.

As for food, you have come to the right haven to explore a variety of tastebud ticklers. Upscale restaurants are easy to find, and some of the much-mentioned names in the world of Jakarta eatery are the Restaurant-Gallery KOI in Mahakam with excellent choices ranging from European to Asian food, or the Wayang Restaurant and Gypsy Bar in Blok M, right behind the Ambhara Hotel. The Sate Khas Senayan Restaurant in Senayan will be a perfect place for you to sample the Indonesian Satay, and for a sheer adventurous eating experience, try the roadside stalls in Bakti Road or Senopati Road .

No need to worry about where to go for an adventurous night in Kebayoran Baru for the district is generous with its nightspots. The hip place to be, especially for the youth, is certainly the Embassy Club in Taman Ria Senayan Amusement Park . Still inside the park, don’t miss the Bugils café, a café-bar owned by an expat who is so in touch with his experiences running the bar that he even wrote a book about it. The dutch-style bar is famous for its laid back and cozy ambience, making it a perfect place for expats to relax and feel at home. The Red Square Bar, probably the only Vodka bar in Jakarta , resides comfortably inside the Plaza Senayan. And of course don’t forget the fun and sloppy scene in Jl Falatehan. Come on; don’t give us that ‘never heard of the place’ look!

Now that you know that there are tons of things to do and places to go in the Kebayoran Baru District, might as well start exploring the whole area. We guarantee you that it will take more than one or two days to enjoy all of its charms.

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