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Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands is great place near Jakarta city.

The Thousand Islands
Excitement rushed into my veins when I was told to review Thousand Islands. Although I have been living in Jakarta for 25 years, I have never once been to Thousand Islands. ā€œThis should be interestingā€, I told myself. The Thousand Islands journey I took is not for those who expect the lux...

Pramuka Island
This is the home base for your islandā€™s tour, an island inhabited with approximately 200 families; Pramuka Island is the centre of Thousand Islandā€™s administrative office and also the centre of the Thousand Islands Marine National Park. There are two ways to reach Pramuka Island, one rou...

1000 Islands Accommodation
Here, you will not be able to find 5 star hotels and resorts like other islands but you are welcome to stay at the ā€˜Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park Guest Houseā€™, about a ten minutes walk from the dock. This guest house is mostly full of students from Jakarta for study tour programs or college ...

Thousand Islands Attractions
First thing you have to know to enter this library is how to snorkel as this library is situated underwater! Baliho is the main conservation area in Thousand Islands. The office is floating and you can spot the place by reading a big billboard right about 200 meters from Pramuka's dock, saying "S...

Thousand Islands Fishing
At Pramuka Island, you may ask the rangers to provide you with raw fishes and squids, and all of you can have a barbeque together! The fishes are the freshest I have ever tasted and it was very delicious, especially dipped with the traditional Indonesian chilli sauce. All kinds of fishes, from th...

Pulau Bidadari
Pulau Sakit (Sick Island) was once a leper colony during the 1600s. Deserted several years later, Dutch colonizers felt that the island (along with Onrust, Kelor, and Cipir islands) would be the first line of defense of its settlement in Batavia (now modern-day Jakarta) against marauders...

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