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Gift Ideas for the Motorcyclist in Your Life
by Christine Harrell. Some people are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. However, if someone has a hobby, that's always a good source for gift ideas. There are countless options for motorcycle riders no matter what your gift budget is.Safety Equipment:Some riders are ...
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A Guide to Buying Your First Motorcycle
by Isla Campbell. The thrill of riding a motorbike is a wonderful experience and unlike any other form of transport. If, like so many others, you are thinking of buying your first bike, a few simple steps can prevent you from buying something you’ll just want...
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Special Tips to Get The Right Size Biker Leather Clothing
by Richard Sherland. Get it right the first time you will surely be disappointed if your beautiful leathers arrive and they don't fit correctly. Online is a great place to buy leathers but you want to be sure to get your size right. Making a mistake here may mean sendin...
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Motor Cycle Speeding
by george markos. I have been riding motor cycles for 40 years and have never had a speeding fine or any other traffic infringement whilst riding.During my driving/riding years I have travelled in excess of 2.5 million kilometers and still find it difficult to compre...
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Motorcycle Sport Hits Bingo Jackpot!
by Adam Singleton. Grass roots motorcycle sport is to benefit directly from the proceeds of Bingo-Lotto; a brand new weekly TV game to be broadcast on digital TV, according to the sport’s governing body.The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) will be one of the lucky benefi...
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Different Types Of Motorcycles For Diverse Needs
by Rohit Chopra. For motorcycling enthusiasts, a motorcycle is more than just a motorized adaptation of a bike. To them it signifies power, freedom and style that must be flaunted. However, for most people a motorbike is a two-wheeler similar to bicycles but fitted ...
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Motorcycle Insurance - Coverage Basics for Motorcyclists
by Matthew Hick. Buying the right kind (and the right amount) of motorcycle insurance can appear complicated - but it doesn't have to be! When shopping for insurance, there are three main types of policies to be considered:Liability:Liability insurance is the least...
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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage - Choosing Insurance for Your Bike
by Matthew Hick. It isn't always easy to choose the right insurance carrier to handle your needs - especially when the automobile you're trying to insure isn't an auto at all, but a motorcycle. Shopping for any kind of insurance can be tricky. Companies have the te...
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Harley Davidson Motorcycles The King Of Bikes
by Rohit Chopra. If you have heard of motorcycles, you have heard of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Motorcycle buffs swear by these motorcycles that have an iconic status in the motorcycling world. The history of these motorcycles goes way back to the year 1901 when W...
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Global Automobiles Unveiled 150cc Scooter
by newsgaze.Global Automobiles Unveiled 150cc Scooter by: newsgaze Global Automobiles unveiled 150cc Scooter January 31, 2008 Global Automobiles, Kolkata-b
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Motorcycle Buying Guide - Different Motorcycle Styles
by Matthew Hick. Buying a new motorcycle isn't always easy. There's a lot of information out there to steer car buyers in the right direction, but very little for the average motorcycle buyer. The first step to buying your new motorcycle is deciding which type or m...
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The Best Get Up To Pair With A Motorbike
by Jim Brown. After choosing the protective head gear, we now need to choose the riding clothes. It has been imprinted on our minds that when riding a motorbike it should be paired with leather jackets to give that cool bad boy look. But have many of us asked why...
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Motorcycle Buying Guide - Dealer Negotiation Tips
by Matthew Hick. You've made the big decision: it's time to buy a motorcycle. You've done your research and you basically know what style, and maybe even what particular model you want. Now, it's time to head to the showroom and make a deal! Before stepping foot ...
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Kawasaki Motorcycles Are Still The King
by Jerry Johnson. Can you surmise what ships, industrial plants, tractors, small engines, trains, and aerospace equipment (including military aircraft), jet aircraft (even including jumbo jets) have in with motorcycles? They were all developed by the one and the same...
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Boomers And Harley-Davidson
by Jerry Johnson. What is the perfect mix? For Harley Davidson, they have mixed their Harleys with Baby Boomers and found they are a perfect mix. Baby Boomers are approaching their social security age so why in the world do they want a Harley? Boomers are not like...
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How to Paint your Own Motorcycle
by Dan Gibson.How to Paint your Own Motorcycle by: Dan Gibson ----------Motorcycle and chopper painting tutorialPAINT AND PREP SUPPLIES Reducer Plastic Filler
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How Good Motorcycle Security Means Cheaper Insurance
by Anna Stenning. One of the major risks of motorcycles is theft, causing the increase of motorbike insurance all the time. A good preventative measure is to fit your vehicle with security in order to reduce your insurance cost and to deter thieves from trying to ste...
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10 Tips you Should Know Before Buying a Used Motorcycle
by Timothy Rudon. Motorcycles are what everyone desires. If you are considering buying a used motorcycle you will need to be savvy so that you do not get taken for a ride. Not all used motorcycles are equal. So before you pay make sure the bike you are buying is the ...
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Why Are These Motorcycle Jackets Safer And Sexier?
by Richard Sherland. We all know that motorcycle leathers are beautiful and sexy. You see it every day in magazines and movies. However beauty isn't the most important thing to consider. When considering the best motorcycle leathers there are many things to consider. Wh...
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Planning for Custom Motorcycle Parts
by Christine Harrell. Most bike owners want to add a personal stamp to their machines. Aftermarket motorcycle parts make this easy no matter what your technical skill is. However before slapping on custom chrome everywhere, you want to have a plan. You want your bike ...
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How are Trade Leads Helpful When Buying Motorcycles?
by Clint Jhonson. Trade leads are effective marketplace tools that are also becoming good venues where buyers and sellers intervene and connect. When buying motorcycles, such online sites would be most helpful to give buyers a good rundown and listings of what specif...
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What Can You Do To Customize Your Harley?
by Christine Harrell. Buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle says a lot about you already. You want more from a bike than two wheels to get you from A to B. The raw power, the brutal beauty, the animal howl of the engine are things no other machine out there has.Harley ow...
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What Every Motorcycle Owner Needs To Know About Motorcycle Tires
by Gregg Hall. Tires are a very important part of a motorcycle. Without them the motorcycle would not be able to move in the first place. This is why it is very important that every motorcycle owner possesses general knowledge about what they can expect from the...
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Have Heard About the Superior Vehicles That Yamaha Produces?
by Muna wa Wanjiru.Have Heard About the Superior Vehicles That Yamaha Produces? by: Muna wa Wanjiru Yamaha snowmobiles are built for a variety of purposes. These c
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Building A Chopper The Easy Way
by Richard Sherland. Maybe you don't have loads of cash or just like doing things for yourself. Building a custom chopper can be fun and you can gain a great deal of satisfaction from doing it yourself.It takes patience and dedication but if you have average mechanical ...
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