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Filtering Car Lubricator a Must
by Anthony Fontanelle. Great automotive performance cannot be achieved if the engine and all of its parts do not work coordinately with each other. Take Mazda cars for example. Despite featuring several of the finest engine systems in the world, Mazda rely on well-coordin...
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Listen to the Voice in your Head and Purchase Superchips
by Mike Rosania. I think a lot of guys know this problem: You have just bought a new car or truck that is really hot, but after the first drive you recognize that there are a lot of other vehicles nicer t
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Do Bug Deflectors Work?
by Mike Rosania. If you have ever taken a road trip, your vehicle has probably met a few bugs along the way. Windshield wipers are useless when it comes to clearing bug gunk. In fact, they usually strea
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Mazda Fan Clutch: Engine Cooling Aid
by Anthony Fontanelle. A vehicle's engine works in a cacophonous environment. Its tough operation also gives one an idea on the conditions it goes through. During an engine's operation, heat builds up and may damage nearby components if not equipped with a cooling system....
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A Piece of History: Mazda and the Mazda Floor Mat
by Anthony Fontanelle. Mazda cars are the definition of Japanese mastery when it comes to automobile make. Their lineup of sports cars are among the recognized leading-edge models that incorporate the latest development in car technology. In fact, this year found the Mazd...
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The Latest And Greatest Car Features
by Gabriel Adams. Today, a car is not just a set of wheels that gets you from one place to another. With innovative new gizmos and gadgets added to tweak its performance and enhance its snazzy good looks, today's car is a statement of style and class. People from as ...
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Ditch the Paper Map for a GPS Navigation Device
by Alvin Toh. Are you still using paper maps to navigate in your car? Of all the high tech gadgets that have become popular in the 21st century, the GPS navigation device is one of the best and must-have. This device can help you tool around town or guide you o...
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Smooth Performance With Mazda Clutch Master Cylinder
by Anthony Fontanelle. Many automotive vehicles today are offered in automatic transmission, for they are much easier to drive. On the other hand, motorists who want variety in revs and are fuel economy-conscious opt for manual trannies. Both types of transmissions have m...
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Smooth Engine-wheel Interaction
by Anthony Fontanelle. One Mazda part that's easily susceptible to damage is the clutch. A faulty Mazda clutch can bring on extreme discomfort to the owner of both a Mazda 323 and Mazda 626. Straight-up troubleshooting the clutch is the first logical way to fix an off-syn...
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Keep your Mazda Under Tight Rein With World-standard Clutch Disc
by Anthony Fontanelle. A key component of the transmission system installed on a Mazda is a mechanism called the clutch assembly. It is used to transmit rotation from the engine to the drive wheels, and can be engaged and disengaged on the fly to provide drivers a tight r...
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Are you Sick and Tired of your Cheap, Small Sticker
by Anne Tide. High quality vinyl cut stickers are now at the push of a button away! All models and shapes, colors and sizes are in stock, so you do not have to wait centuries for your order to arrive. The sticker is very simple and very fast to apply and it can s...
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Flat Motorcycle Tires... Roll Hard!
by Lonny Wolford. Motorcycles with flat tires . . . roll hard! If your motorcycle is cruising along at 55 mph and your rear motorcycle tire suddenly deflates [has a blow out!] you now have a tremendously, dangerous challenge ahead of you. Avoiding other vehicles, con...
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Motorhome Hire: Tips for a Safe Drive
by Allan. Motorhome hire is a very adventurous and exciting way of driving around the globe and seeing and exploring new places with family and friends. It is literally like carrying your home around with you wherever you go. But, you have to remember that th...
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Long Gm Strike is a Threat to National Economy
by Evander Klum. The strike against General Motors will affect delicate data needed to assess the result of a housing slope and credit squeeze, but the magnitude of the walkout posed on the national economy will greatly depend on how long the strike will last.The st...
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Give your Car a Facelift
by full house. I am obsessed with my car. No it isn't anything 'flash', but it has been reliable, I like the colour and it is comfortable to drive long distances. Just lately, I had been seriously
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Onwards the Future: the Audi Wiper Blade and the Audi Car Cover
by Anthony Fontanelle. Audi has had a quite interesting history. Almost a century ago, German engineer August Horch was forced out of the company he himself found because of dispute and setup in competition. Moving on, he decided to form a new firm that would eventually b...
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Satisfaction Guaranteed With Quality Audi Motor Mount
by Anthony Fontanelle. Audi has proven to be one of the top European carmakers producing luxury vehicles. More than the distinction, though, Audi makes sure that every facet of its automotive systems is well-designed and manufactured according to global standards for perf...
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Exude Brilliance With An HID Bulb
by Dylan Turnerr. HID bulbs have revolutionized the world of automotive driving. Install an HID kit now and get superior lighting even in the worst driving condition. Trust your HID bulb to give you unparalleled illumination for the rest of your car's life.The Produc...
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Your Old Car Can Be As Good As New With 9006 HID
by Dylan Turnerr. Let your 1998 Lexus GS sport be a superstar and dazzle. A pair of 9006 HID headlamps will do the trick. Go get your conversion kit and coast around town, but be sure to care for your HID bulbs.It's your car's turn for a makeoverWhen your car's headl...
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Dont Risk your Life and Buy New Headlights
by Tim Saunier. I have been living in San Diego for 31 years now and when I sum up this time I just can say:" Thank you god for creating such a great place in this wonderful world". Everyone who has been here once will agree with me and knows what I mean when I say...
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How To Pass A Car Inspection
by Jeff Carlisle. Passing a yearly car inspection is mandatory for many people in certain states. These car inspections are for the safety of those who are driving and riding in the car. During an inspection, the brakes, exhaust system, headlights, brake lights, and ...
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The Check Engine Light Mystery
by Evander Klum. That little amber light that reads CHECK ENGINE or SERVICE ENGINE SOON may sometimes make you feel like you are one car doctor that can diagnose engine problem in just one snap. However, you may feel good that you know there is something wrong with ...
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Audi Air Filter - Boosting Engines Power
by Anthony Fontanelle. Audi has come a long way as a leading manufacturer of exquisite cars---attractive, sophisticated and technically proficient. The European car maker strives to run toe-to-toe with its rivals through the company's innovations and standards, which is c...
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Dunlap Tires - Tips on Getting the Most Out of your Tires
by Terry Edwards. Dunlap tires are one of the older tire makers around. They have provided quality tires for several decades now for just about any vehicle that uses tires. Dunlap tires also provide tire owners with tips on how to get the most life out of their tires...
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Discount Garmin GPS, Quality At A Great Price
by Jim Kesel. Of the many various GPS manufactures, Garmin has become the most popular. Not only do they make a high-quality product, but they offer a wide variety of GPS units for average consumers, mariners and pilots. However, quality can come at a price, as s...
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