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BioFuels, The Answer to High Fuel Prices
by Rodrigo Pocius. Biofuels, simply put, are fuels that are derived from agricultural products. Biofuels are a renewable source of energy that can be used in many applications, from fueling your vehicle, to generating electricity and heating your home.Recently, biofue...

Ethanol for the Tank, Lower Prices at the Pump
by Rodrigo Pocius. Ethanol fuel is already here. Ethanol provides a viable alternative to rising Gasoline prices. In the U.S., ethanol is currently mixed with the Gasoline at the pump, offering higher octane value and a renewable supplement to Gas. Currently, the auto...
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How to Deal With High Gas Prices?
by James Miller. Record high gas prices make many people change their habits. Maybe for years you were used to drive your SUV and never felt the pain at the gas pump. You drove over 40 miles one way to work and it felt normal, but now with hundreds of dollars spent ...
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How to Get Gas Mileage Improvements by Using the Right Tire
by mike legg. With the price of gas going through the roof, drivers are on the lookout for any way to make gas mileage improvements to their vehicles, and there seems to be an ever increasing number of so called gas mileage secrets popping up. Everything from car...
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The Truth About Run Your Car on Water Technology
by Sergey.Gas prices go up every day. I remember the times when we could buy a gallon of regular gas for $1. Well. Nowadays it costs up to $4 in some places, moreover, experts claim that the situation won't change and in the nearest future the price will incre...
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Save Petrol With New Device Installed to Car Engine
by Will Yap.Save Petrol With New Device Installed to Car Engine by: Will Yap Most people do not know that you can save petrol with a new device installed to
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Increase Your Gas Mileage and Burn Clean Gas
by Bryan Burbank.Find a Hho Gas to Water Car Conversion - Increase Your Gas Mileage and Burn Clean Gas by: Bryan Burbank HHO Car Conversions are becoming the cra
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Get a Hho Gas Water Car Modification - Double Your Gas Mileage
by Bryan Burbank.Get a Hho Gas Water Car Modification - Double Your Gas Mileage by: Bryan Burbank ?If you are sick of paying four bucks a gallon for gas and get
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Simple Ways to Improve Gas Mileage
by Uchenna Ani-Okoye. Gas prices have been growing increasingly higher for the past several years. Everybody wants to save money on gas especially now that the price has been rapidly increasing. One way to save gas is to increase gas mileage. Here are some tips on improv...
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Top Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage From Your Car
by mike legg. Have you heard of the latest craze to get the best gas mileage from your car or truck, its called "Hypermiling"? To be a hypermiler involves the use of any tip or trick, (and sometimes even a complete change in driving style) to squeeze every last M...
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Water Power Cars, Can You Run Your Car on Water?
by mike legg. ?With the ever increasing price of oil and the knock on effect of huge rises of the cost of gas at the pumps, everybody is looking for either alternative fuels or ways to make gas mileage improvements to their own vehicles. Something that has receiv...
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Run Your Car on Water - Increase Your Fuel Efficiency
by Sergey. Have you ever wished there was another way to increase fuel efficiency and stop wasting your hard-earned money on gas? Well, there is a technology called run your car on water which allows you to increase gas mileage by running your car on water. To...
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What Can Be Done About the High Gas Prices?
by Ron Subs. We've all watched them over the past several months and the gas prices just continue to get higher and higher. So what can we do? We don't want to be dependent on foreign oil anymore, so the option of walking, riding a bicycle, etc is only a tempo...
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Comeback of a Sports Car Legend:
by nibs007. ?The countdown is running for the new era Scirocco: the third generation of the sports car will already be arriving on the market in August. Volkswagen is staging the come...
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Electronic Fuel Injectors
by Synapse India. ?Today's modern cars have electronic fuel injection systems, earlier automobiles used carburetors that are less efficient and did not perform to the best. However, even, today many kinds of cars come with small engines that use carburetors. Both the...
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Water4gas Scam - is Water4gas Devices a Scam?
by Matt Williams. The big oil companies are earning billions while people around the world are severely hurt by the skyrocketing gas prices. To get relief from rising gas prices we are forced to find alternative forms of energy.? As in all crisis a loads of fake fuel...
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Double Your Gas Mileage Without Silly Gimmicks
by Dave Simpson. Just the other day, I had the pleasure of dropping the kids off at school - trouble is the school is way out of my way. The added an extra 20 miles onto my normal daily journey, taking it to a total trip of 30 miles. The problem was, my trip compute...
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Improve the Mileage by Running Your Car on Water
by Abhinav Sidana. ?Actually there is a possibility to improve your mileage significantly once you start running your car on water. Already the technique exists in the world for the last many years and with the current skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel, people ...
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Few Questions in Your Mind- Run Your Car on Water
by Abhinav Sidana. ?If you want to run your car on water, you might have many questions in your mind. A few common questions are summarized below.Does it work? The question comes in the minds of many people who come to know about the technology that provides fuel solu...
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Save Environment and Improve Your Engine Performance
by Abhinav Sidana. ?If you are willing to modify your gasoline engine so that it can run on water, you simply need a few additional arrangements so that water gets electrolyzed in an outer chamber and through the connecting arrangements the gases produced from it are ...
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Gas and Fuel Saving Tips You Need to Know Today
by Peter Sicoli.Gas and Fuel Saving Tips You Need to Know Today by: Peter Sicoli Save gas, save fuel, save money. use less gas today will put more money into yo
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The Return of the Geo Metro - Save Gas Money
by mike martin.The Return of the Geo Metro - Save Gas Money by: mike martin With gas prices hitting new highs everyday, it's not surprising that motorists are
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The Benefits Of Fuel Efficient Cars
by Daniel Millions. Owning a fuel efficient vehicle has become of greater importance in today's world, where gas has become a documented expense, as opposed to a spur of the moment purchase. Instead of being one of the minor factors considered when buying a car, fuel e...
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Which Rideshare Websites is Best for You?
by Kent Basson. With gasoline rapidly approaching $4/gallon in the United States, there is a renewed interest in carpooling. The Internet has provided us with new options for finding others with whom to carpool compared to those available during the gas crunches o...
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Advantages of Diesel Engines
by Paul Hata. Over the years, the prices of both gas and diesel have experienced some drastic changes. Several years ago, the price of gas was around a dollar,now its almost four dollars a gallon.With the increasing number of vehicle increases around the world,s...
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