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Run Your Car on Water, an Alternate Fuel
by Abhinav Sidana. ?Water is an excellent fuel and since more than a century it is used as steam for running the rail. Still now water vapor are used for carrying out many physical works. Burning of fuel such as gasoline and diesel is an exothermic reaction and it pro...
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Buying Gas Saver Cars Vs. Building Hho Fuel Savers
by Haden Freed. If you've been thinking about purchasing gas saver cars - be it a hydrogen based vehicle, a hybrid, new diesel or? economy car, this is going to be one of the most? important articles you ever read. Before you spend? thousands of dollars, just take ...
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Water Power Cars - Drive Like Gas is Cheap Again
by John Harrison. Can water power cars?? It sure would be great if it were true.? Can you imagine being able to drive like gas is cheap again?? I would take that in a heartbeat, especially in today's economy.? Wouldn't you?If you've been surfing the web about saving ...
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Biofuels and What They are
by gregchapman. You have heard the term biofuel but aren't sure what it means. Biofuel is any fuel that is derived from biomass-recently living organisms or their metabolic by-products, such as manure from cows. It is considered 'green' because it comes from a rene...

Is Water4gas a Scam? Discover the Truth
by Sergey. I think you have already thought how to spend less money on gas or how to increase gas mileage.? Well, me to. Gas prices rise so quickly but our monthly income doesn't rise. So what is the solution of this problem? How can we increase gas mileage?? ...
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Water4gas Review - Forget About High Gas Prices!
by Sergey. 5 years ago we could buy a gallon of gasoline for only $1, nowadays we should pay $4 per gallon and moreover, gas prices won't go down anymore. That's why we need a solution of this problem or we will spend half of our monthly income on gas. Well, t...
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Water4gas Review - Laugh at Rising Gas Prices!
by Sergey. Are you sick of rising gas prices? Well, many of us have been looking for a way to increase gas mileage and save hard earned money on fuel costs. A few years ago inventors from the USA created a special technology which allows to increase gas mileag...
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Is It Possible to Increase Gas Mileage by 70 Percents
by Sergey. Gas prices rise every day. Do you remember the times when we could buy a gallon of regular gas for only $1? Well, today it costs much more. Moreover, experts claim that in the nearest future gas prices will skyrocket... That's why many of us have be...
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Fuel Rising? Need a Solution? Did You Know About It?
by Walter G.. With the ever-rising price of fossils fuels today, consumers are victims of the automotive manufacturing sector and our comfortable lifestyles. Not wanting to give up our creature comforts, we are on a never ending search for "The Holy Grail", t...
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Water for Gas Saves Consumers Thousands of Dollars
by gaspricerelief. ?If you're still waiting on the magical gas price fairy to swoop down, wave her wand, and bring fuel costs down to under a buck, don't read this article! You may consider scheduling appointment with a psychologist to evaluate the delusional nature o...
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Water4gas Review - Improve Mileage and Lower Emissions
by Matt Williams. Why some believes that?Water4Gas is a scam.Water4Gas is?a very old?water fuel construction! The hydrogen combustion was patented more than?95 years ago and?hydrogen cars run for many years until 1921 when gasoline was discovered...
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"slash Fuel Costs...run Your Car on Water"
by Brian Louden."slash Fuel Costs...run Your Car on Water" by: Brian Louden ??"Learn why Oil Companies have kept this secret from YOU since the 1930
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Is a Hybrid Vehicle Worth the Cost?
by C.L. Hendricks. In today's automotive market, the fastest growing sector of the industry is the hybrid vehicle. These vehicles are touted for being fuel efficient and utilizing the latest in "green" driving technology in order to maximize mileage while minimizing t...
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Carpooling Safety and Etiquette
by Kent Basson. ?Carpooling safety and etiquetteWith rapidly rising fuel prices has come increased interest in carpooling. There are two major forms of carpooling: the familiar fixed carpools, in which the same people ride to work together, and casual carpooling, w...
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Why You Need to Run Your Car on Water?
by Abhinav Sidana. ?First and foremost benefit of running your car on water is financial. You will cut the cost your gas bill by at least 40 percent. With the sky rocketing price of petrol and diesel all over the world, it is right time to take the advantage of the te...
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Running the Car on Water and Hydrogen Instead of Gas
by Peter Drew.Running the Car on Water and Hydrogen Instead of Gas by: Peter Drew There has been a huge increase in the price of gas and fuel, and also the po
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Running Cars on Water
by Peter Drew.Running Cars on Water by: Peter Drew Water comprises for more than 70% of the Earth that we live on, and we use water for various purposes in ou
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A Cheap Smart Car is a Smart Purchase
by Peter Clark. Smart cars are fast becoming more popular over the last 12 months. Originally considered a novelty, the smart car is on the rise as a modern fuel efficient and cheap motoring alternative. Cheap smart cars are now an excellent way to avoid the high ...
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Moves To Beat The Daylight Robbery Of Fuel Tax
by Catherine Harvey. With all the reports that we see today about global warming, we all have a duty to do our bit for the environment. Even for those in opposition to the global warming theory, even they can suggest it would be a bad thing to reduce the amount of pollu...
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We Are Going Back To Cheap Gas
by Michael Littles. Cheap gasoline can come from two areas, at the pump or by how much, or more precisely how little fuel the car or truck uses. Efficiency is the most prevalent during the biggest fuel crisis in history. The traditional U.S. car and truck producers -- ...
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Water4gas is a Modern Marvel in the Field of Fuel Economy
by Joydeep Singha. Water4Gas is a modern marvel in the field of fuel economy. It’s a sensation not only because it uses the latest technology, but also because of the effective results that it has shown time and again. The use of water to increase efficiency of ...
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Water4gas - Hoax or Truth?
by Sergey. Yesterday I checked gas price. Well, I wasn't surprised to see that it became higher. While it was once only $1 a gallon, it is now closing in to $4.2 per gallon. Moreover, experts say that it won't go down anymore. Some of them even predict that it...
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Can I Improve Gas Mileage? Reduce Gas & Increase Mileage by 50%
by Michael Ingles. ?Everyday a barrel of gas hits another record high causing the price of gas to skyrocket. So the million dollar question is "Can I improve gas mileage"? The answer is YES and it is much easier and affordable then you think.?Economists predict a gall...
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Run Your Car on Water
by Sergey. Believe it or not, but experts claim that gas prices will continue to go up. I remember the times when we could buy a gallon of gasoline for $1. But what do we have now? More than $4 per gallon in most places! That's why many of us have been looking...
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Water - the Solution to Save Money on High Gas Prices
by Mico C. Filling up your gas tank is fast becoming a financially frustrating task. With gas prices increasing more than ever, we often wonder if there is another way we can use as fuel. The answer is yes, water. A great alternative is to convert your car int...
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