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Thermoplastic Constructed for a Well Protected Vehicle
by Anthony Fontanelle. Buying your Pontiac has cost you a lot of money so you might consider it as a precious commodity. However there are certain elements that can potentially damage the paint finish of your car. They are divided into two main groups-the man made and nat...
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Infiniti Part: Extend the Lifespan of your Car
by Tim Johrer. Buying a car is one dream that most of us cherish and put all our efforts to materialize this dream. To buy a car you need loads of money and if you are one of those who have a soft corner for luxury cars, their pockets will have to be really deep. ...
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How to Replace your Wiper Blades
by Mike Rosania. I've had problems in the past replacing my wiper blades, so I wrote up this little guide to show you how easy it is once you know what to do. I go skiing a lot so I know how difficult
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Headlights, Camera, Action!
by Mike Rosania. I'm currently on a plane that is bringing me home to my luxurious mansion nestled in the Hollywood Hills. Well, actually my studio in the valley is "cozy" and I'm pretty sure my
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Hire Motorhome and Enjoy the Feel of home on Wheels
by Allan. It is not possible to take your home along when you go out for holidaying; but it is possible to enjoy the freedom and privacy of your home. Just hire a motorhome while you are out on sightseeing and you will have a 'home on wheels.' It is a quite c...
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Increased Braking Force for an Efficient Braking Assist
by Anthony Fontanelle. Being a car owner entails a lot of responsibilities, and one of these is ensuring that you always drive safely. Since safety is among your primary considerations, you need to make sure that your Pontiac is completely equipped with all the necessary ...
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Why Replace your Struts and Shocks?
by khalid r mustaffa. You would need new shocks, and or struts if you are currently experiencing one or more of the indications to follow. Worn out, damaged, or leaking. Leaking is the easiest to determine, this is by basically checking for decrease in the fluid level ...
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Car Seat Covers - Avoid Problems and Guarantee Style
by Tim Saunier. The last decades have shown that the love of the cars and trucks grows more and more. Men are spending most of their free time in the garage in order to pimp their beloved trucks: new air filters, modern air intakes, power programmers. The purposes ...
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Demystifying the Myths of Cold Air Intakes
by Mike Rosania. I recently put of few thousand miles on my car driving across the country. So I went over to the local Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. The mechanic tried sell me a new air filter, but
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Suzuki Two-wheeler is Confused
by Deepesh. Suzuki is a very late entrant in the Indian two wheeler sector. But late is as relative a term as old and it doesn't matter five years down the line when the market is even more mature. However what I am really perplexed by is Suzuki's attitude to t...
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Tail Light Protection by Acura
by Evander Klum. Tail lights are integral parts of a car's lighting system. Tail lights indicate the a driver's next move. Indeed, more than just a rear lighting system, it is a form of on-road communication between drivers either negotiating right access to a lane ...
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Spark Plug Wires: Engine Power Catalyst
by Evander Klum. To maximize the potential power of an Acura engine, four things must be considered -- proper amount of fuel, enough air, a good spark, and a free-flowing exhaust. After considering these facets, owners may want to look deeper into their parts to und...
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Responsive Braking Through Acura Rotors
by Evander Klum. Acura's braking system is as famous as its luxurious look. In fact, Acura has been given a rare "five-star" safety recognition by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), because of its safety f...
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7 Tips for Choosing a GPS Vehicle Tracking System
by Alvin Toh. Imagine yourself waking up and you find yourself inside your car in the middle of a wasteland. Maybe you've driven yourself aimlessly the night before and you didn't realize you were off the course driving farther away from city limits. You took out...
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Mechanics Guide to Increasing Car Performance
by Tony DiFiore, Jr.. In today's market, there are more performance auto parts available than ever before. While finding performance auto parts can sometimes be difficult, finding a perfect match for your car can be immensely gratifying. There is a lot of satisfaction in...
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The Best Solution for Increased Car Performance
by Evander Klum. For an Acura to really stand out, it must first perform at its best. To achieve this, engine power must be increased -- a task done electronically by the Acura performance chip. Also known as a power programmer or a performance programmer, the perfo...
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Easing Steering Problems
by Evander Klum. Driving an Acura is an exhilarating experience, owners attest. Contributing significantly to this driving ease is the Acura power steering pump -- a vane-style pump driven by a belt off the engine. This pump basically generates high pressures to mak...
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Villeneuve Shifts Gear for Nascar
by Anthony Fontanelle. Formula One luminary and 1997 World Champ Jacques Villeneuve shifts gear to drive for NASCAR's Bill Davis Racing team. His transition from F1 to Craftsman Truck Series is expected to be smooth with the help from colleagues like Juan Pablo Montoya, a...
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Clean Acura Performance
by Evander Klum. An efficient engine enables an Acura to perform at its best and rise up to expectations. Boosting the car brand's engine performance and highly-touted reputation for luxury and clean combustion is the Acura oxygen sensor. A typical Acura oxygen sens...
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No Cold Feet With Acura Heater Core
by Evander Klum. The winter season is fast arriving and for drivers, measures must be taken to ensure car comfort and security throughout the season. These steps are taken to avoid any possible mishaps that the sudden drop of temperature during these times may give ...
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Auto Accessories - Why Are Auto Accessories Necessary
by Craig Thornburrow. Everyone who has a car, truck or SUV will need to have some type of auto accessories to help keep it running in top performance. Then there are the auto accessories that you can use inside your vehicle to help make you more comfortable and to help t...
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How is Snow Tire Chain Important ?
by Prerna Joneja. It is recommended that the drivers should drive cautiously in winters. Snow and ice can spell problem, especially for those drivers who do not have experience driving in such conditions, or those who fail to prepare themselves. One of the most essen...
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Cherished Number Plates
by Ross O'donnell. Traditionally the term cherished number plates referred to old dateless registrations and private number plates that had been owed for many years. Nowadays the term has taken on a wider role to include many of the newer prefix and current style car ...
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Choosing the Most Suitable Car Springs
by Tim Piscitelli. Whenever you are on the look for some replacement parts for you car, you have to take into consideration a lot of things such as: the most suitable parts for your model, the price of the part, the quality of it and other as well. Suspensions are cru...
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Brighter Paths on Foggy Days
by Evander Klum. Low visibility, precipitation and fog are among the top three enemies of drivers when on the road. Before, this may have been an unbeatable battle to pursue. But thanks to those who happened to invent fog lights, drivers can now peacefully take a tr...
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