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Run Your Car on Water - Forget About Fuel Costs!
by Sergey. Are you satisfied with fuels costs? I think, no. Gas prices go up every day and experts claim that this trend won't stop. I winder what price we will have in 2 or 3 years. However there is a solution of gas problem. There is a way which will help yo...
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Gas Mileage Beats Style in This World
by Michael. There is a new standard in this world and it is really making some changes to the way that people are thinking. They have long known that they need to have a car and in doing so they have chosen the cars in ways that have not been the best for them....
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Can I Run My Car on Water Mixed Gas?
by Abhinav Sidana. ?With the rising crude prices and the cost of gas continuously soaring to new high it is really difficult to run a single car on gas. The crude price in International Market is $140 today and by the end of the year it is expected to touch $200 and u...
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Water4gas Ebook
by Sergey. Fuel prices go up every day. But why should we pay our hard-earned money for it? Is there any solution of this problem, is there a way to increase gas mileage or somehow save money on fuel costs. Well, there is. Inventors from the USA have finally i...
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Slash Fuel Costs to Save Your Cash
by mike martin.Slash Fuel Costs to Save Your Cash by: mike martin Whether you drive a small hybrid or a gigantic SUV, chances are you can squeeze a bit more di
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35 Fruitful Tips to Save Gas
by Freddic. Given the unreliable and dynamic nature of fuel prices, automobile users simply can't depend on the transitory dips in the prices of gas. Perhaps, adopting simple fuel saving tips is the key to prevent the prices from burning a hole in your pocket.T...
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Water4gas Review - so What is the Verdict?
by Sergey. Have you ever wished there was another way to save your money on fuel costs? I think yes, well, everyone wished. Gas prices go up every day and we can't do anything about that. We should pay more and more money... However inventors have found a solu...
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Natural Gas Powered Cars in Da House!!!!
by Thomas Rosquin.Natural Gas Powered Cars in Da House!!!! by: Thomas Rosquin The Arab Oil Embargo happened in 1973, and today we are still as dependant on oil as
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1000s Have Increased Gas Mileage Using 200 Year Old Know How
by Eugene Manz. You can increase your gas mileage using 200 year old technology.Since the first cars (late 1700's) everything has been used from steam, which made for very impractical, hot , and extre...
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15 Reasons To Convert Your Car To Burn Water
by Michael Hickmon. There has been a lot of news lately surrounding converting your car to run on water, as a supplement to gasoline. The technology to run cars on Hydrogen (which is derived from water) is proven, but the information to do so is usually expensive and...
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Spotlight on Fuel Economy -
by Steve Dubin. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DATELINE:? CHESHIRE, CT... Offering up to 50 percent better
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Gas Saving 101 - How to Get the Best Gas Mileage
by Terry Edwards. When it comes to conserving gas, or getting the best gas mileage, nothing beats trading in your current car for a more fuel-efficient model. Unfortunately, not everybody has enough money to afford such a costly undertaking. In fact, it's a little bi...
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I Run My Car on Water
by Jeff Keto. Yes, you read the headline correctly - I run my car on water.? Well, actually I run my car on water and gas.? I got tired of the high gas prices and decided it was time to do something.? I had heard about a few other people who had converted to wate...
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Learn to Drive Sensibly to Stretch Your Mileage
by nrsemba. ?Owning a car is one of life's little pleasures, a dream come true. But, for some it is turning into a nightmare thanks to the ever increasing price of fuel. People all over the world are having to pay as much as twice the amount that they used to p...
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Ethanol Still - Discover How to Make an Ethanol Still
by Thelma Betton. Many people are wanting to learn more and more about how they can make their own ethanol.? Basically you will need two very important things.? Corn and an ethanol still.? Of course there are other grains that you can use aside from corn but corn jus...
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My Car Fuel Bill Has Gone Up
by Barbara Jeffers. Here are ten top fuel saving tips. In light of the current economic situation I'm going to put them into practice to try and offset the almost daily fuel price rises?1. Go streamline! If you don't need the roof rack, take it off and leave at home, a...
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Simple Tips to Increase Your Gas Mileage Through Better Driving
by Terry Edwards. The inflation in gas prices shows no sign of slowing down and people are getting plenty worried about spending more and more of their income at the gas pump. Those who can afford it have switched to hybrids, or have switched to smaller, lighter vehi...
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When Will Fuel Prices Go High and How Much?
by carazoo.com.When Will Fuel Prices Go High and How Much? by: carazoo.com Increase in fuel prices has created disturbance among the vehicle owners. The rumors
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7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage Today!
by Terry Edwards. For people who are worried about the gas price inflation and the poor state of the industry, but don't have enough money to buy a new fuel efficient car, here are some basic tips that will provide noticeable gas mileage improvements:1. Avoid oversto...
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Gas Saving Tips That Helps You To Save Gas
by Michael Hickmon. Besides having a source of free gas, or converting you car to run partially on water, there are some tips that can certainly help you in your fight at the pump. The following list of tips, if you follow them, will increase fuel economy. You just ha...
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Why Has There not Been Larger Push to Use Natural Gas Vehicles?
by Baki Krivevski. In the U.S. there are about 1500 natural gas stations nationwide, which are mostly in the West and are used by the federal and state government fleets, which are required by law to use certain amounts of alternative fuels. By contrast, Germany alone...
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Summer Driving Tip:Checking Tire Pressure Can Save $640 in Gas!
by Scott Siegel. One of the quickest ways to rob a car of efficient gas consumption is to neglect the tires. There are a number of different ways tires can affect your car's fuel saving performance. Making sure you are riding on properly inflated tires is probably ...
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Saving on Gas
by Ramage. Right now Gas is costing us $120 a barrel - that's over 300% more expensive than the prices 6 years ago, the lowest price right now in the United States is $3.22 a gallon. So what does this mean? The price for petrol, gas, oil (or whatever else you ...
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Is Browns Gas the Cure to our Oil Woes?
by Adam Hefner.Is Browns Gas the Cure to our Oil Woes? by: Adam Hefner We are rudely reminded of rising oil prices upon each visit to the pump. Americans are
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Gas Mileage Devices - a Guide to Saving Money at the Gas Pump
by Terry Edwards. Let's face it, with the ever-increasing gas prices and the government's lack of initiative to fund a good replacement energy source, we've been left holding the bag. For this very reason, many people have resorted to conservation and have started us...
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