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Water Fuel - Cars That Run on Water?
by Adam Hefner.Water Fuel - Cars That Run on Water? by: Adam Hefner Gasoline prices continue to rise, and no one seems to know when they will stop. More and mo
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Some Easy Steps To Easily Help You Improve Your Gas Mileage
by Gregg Hall. There are many times when a person will find themselves wondering how they can improve their gas mileage and even though there isn't really anything anyone can do about the gas prices there is something that you can do to get better fuel efficiency....
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Keeping Your Car Cool With Honda Water Pump
by Anthony Fontanelle. We know your Honda car delivers the kind of horse power and torque you've always wanted. Overheating troubles, though, may set you back. So to keep things nice and cool, every Honda car is equipped with the Honda water pump. The water pump is an int...
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Keep Your Engine Oil-tight With Honda Valve Cover Gaskets
by Anthony Fontanelle. Lubrication is important in engines because this is what literally keeps vehicles running smoothly. To keep engine components sliding along each other, oil is pumped up the pushrods and then dispersed beneath the valve cover to lubricate the rocker ...
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A History Of Vauxhall Motors, From Pumps To MPVs
by Thomas Pretty. Vauxhall can trace its history back one hundred and fifty years when founder Alex Wilson, opened a factory in the district of Vauxhall, that originally built pumps and engines. It wasn't until 1903 that the first Vauxhall car was built and the first...
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How To Increase Your Gas Mileage By Taking Care Of Your Tires
by Gregg Hall. You should know how to take care of your tires and rims properly when you are an every day driver. You should know how to take care of them without having to need help when you need to change a tire. Every driver that is driving should know or know ...
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Fuji Heavy Industries: Subaru Going Diesel
by Art Gib. Announced earlier this year, Subaru tinkered with its engine design, and after some deliberation and help from Toyota manufacturer, came out with a turbo diesel engine. The engine will still maintain its claim to fame "boxer" engine design that keep...
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The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vehicles
by Bercle George. Cars or vehicles are the dominant modes of transportation in the modern world and different cars are powered by different resources to ensure their efficiency. When we say hybrid cars or hybrid vehicle, it is used to describe a vehicle which functio...
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Pop Quiz: What Does H2O, Fuel And Your Car Have In Common?
by Michael Littles. What every car, truck, or SUV owner needs is a way to enjoy the automobile they own and find a way to reduce costs at the same time. So let's look at a proven way we can drive our cars and trucks and lower our fuel costs.When it come to your car, tr...
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Cars That Run On Water
by Ozzie Freedom. This article shows how I was thoroughly laughed at by my friends when I told them cars would run on water... but guess who's laughing now. Many years ago I remarked to my friends during one of our chatting sessions- "One day cars will run on water"....
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Hydrogen Burning Hybrid Cars Are Now Available
by Michael Littles. Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning Hybrid? Your very first reaction should be a good-ole, Yeah - Right!The amazing thing about this old technology that is now the new black, so to speak, is the fact that there are...
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Expensive Gasoline Will Change our Lifestyle
by melvin polatnick.Expensive Gasoline Will Change our Lifestyle by: melvin polatnick Get ready for the biggest tragedy in American history. If the price of gasolin
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Current Gas Prices - How Can I Get Cheap Gas?
by Robert. Will we ever see the days of cheap gas again? With everything happening in our world it is very doubtful that we will ever see the return of low fuel prices. What can we do to save on fuel and help our budgets out?Here are some basic tips to improve...
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Cutting-Edge Technologies Applied to Car Hire Industry
by Neil Ebsworth. When you think of car hire you probably remember the experience of that summer vacation where you spent an hour after getting off the plane trying to find the little mobile van so that you could retrieve the keys to something that resembled a fridge...
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The Chevy Volt Revolution
by Morgan Kelps. Bob Lutz GM's 72-year-old Vice Chairman sits on the cutting edge of new hybrid technology. It is in fact Mr. Lutz and his belief in hybrid technology that has led Chevrolet to create some interesting new hybrid models due out soon including the Silv...
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7 Tips on Saving Fuel
by Boon Kiat Chua.7 Tips on Saving Fuel by: Boon Kiat Chua Oil price is soaring and it certainly looks like it will not be staying at a constant price for long. I
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Honda Fuel Tank for Better Fuel Mileage
by Anthony Fontanelle. As a car owner, you know very well how hard it is to cope with never-ending fuel price increases. Add to that the expensive vehicle maintenance and repair costs. Fuel is very important-your car cannot run without it. Perhaps you're thinking of ways ...
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Preventing Gas Leakage With a Fuel Tank Cap
by Anthony Fontanelle. Fuel is important in virtually all applications, so much so that rising fuel prices have spurred the increase of commodity prices. It is only practical for motorists to opt for auto parts that can make their vehicles fuel efficient. For Honda vehicl...
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Keep Your Honda Head Gaskets in Check
by Anthony Fontanelle. The engine is one of your Honda vehicle's critical auto parts. It is the sole car part burdened with the important task of burning fuel to power the vehicle. Understandably, even your Honda vehicle's tough engine needs the support of other car parts...
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Can You Run a Car on Water?
by Peter White.Can You Run a Car on Water? by: Peter White Strange as it may seem, the answer to our question, can you run a car on water, is yes, as the techn
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Free Fuel From Water - Oh Come On!
by Michael Littles. Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning Hybrid? Your very first reaction should be a good-ole, Yeah - Right!The amazing thing about this old technology that is now the new black, so to speak, is the fact that there are...
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Efficiency Equals Economy
by dennis james. With the world as we know it being in danger of overheating from carbon emissions and ever rising gas prices, more and more car manufacturers and consumers themselves are more aware that cars need become more fuel efficient. By having a more efficie...
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The Best Synthetic Motor Oil
by Michiel Van Kets. Motor oils are comprised of two parts, the base oil and additive package. The base oil comprises 80-90% of the oil by volume and the additives the remaining 10-20%. There are five groups of base oils: Group I, II, III, IV and V. Groups I to III are ...
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Tips To Improve Your Gas Mileage
by Warren Wong. With growing gas costs, it is no wonder that more drivers are interested in getting good gas mileage out of their cars. There are several ways to go about getting solid gas mileage from your motor vehicle. You can buy a car with good gas mileage in ...
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Common Sense Driving Can Improve Gas Mileage
by dennis james. Like many other people in your case you might be interested in buying a car that you love, or you think you love from those auto magazines or because you like how it looks, or because what you heard is great. But in most of these cases, you never tr...
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