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Extended Auto Warranty
by Craig Thornburrow.An extended auto warranty can be defined as a contract that a dealership or warranty company offers to cover repairs under said contract.? There are two types of extended auto warranties: bumper-to-bumper and powertrain.When you walk into a dealershi...
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Getting an Extended Auto Warranty
by Craig Thornburrow.As a vehicle owner you know that it is far more expensive to replace a vehicle then it is to maintain a vehicle, those that offer an extended auto warranty also know this. The companies that sell extended warranties for you automobile are hoping that...
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What Will Void Your Car Warranty?
by Steven Ross.Car warranties are indeed a great investment as car repairs demand hefty amounts to be paid and often at an unexpected time. However, you may find you're disappointed if you happen to void your car warranty.New and extended car warranties are made av...
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