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Got a Need for Speed? Easy Ways to Gain More Horsepower
by Levi Quinn. Does the purring of a suped-up engine make you smile? Have you ever rolled down your window at a stop light to listen to the muscle car sitting beside you? If so, you've got horsepower fever.While we all don't own a tricked out, 1966 Chevelle with...
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Chop Shop Discovered at 2007 Market St
by Evander Klum. Lewis Roosevelt, age 74 of Shehy Street was recently arrested and is facing 14 counts for receiving stolen properties particularly cars and various car parts. According to Detective Sgt. Anthony Longmire, head of the auto theft division, "He has no ...
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Morgan 4 Seater: Well Wood
by Vladimir Melnikoff. Four seats, modern engines and a body with a solid timber frame - the Morgan 4 Seater is one of the most unusual vehicles on the Cabriomarkt. Now the knorrige Britisher was revised.It remains optical with small corrections. Is new however the tent-l...
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12 Usual Car Problems
by Kraig Johanssen. Problems are inevitable especially to cars. Here are 12 car problems that are usually experienced by most car owners: Worn brake parts - Brakes are very important. Yes they are. A brake is a device that is responsible for slowing or stopping the mot...
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Xm Satellite Radio for General Motors Pre-owned Vehicles
by Correy Putton. The biggest satellite radio service provider partnered with the world's larges car manufacturer to provide pre-owned vehicles with satellite radio. XM and General Motors recently announced that they will be working together to provide Cadillac and ...
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Preferred Tools of the Car Detailing Trade
by Adrian Kennelly. Your tools and equipment are critical to your success. You need to know the reasons why certain tools are preferred over others. There are two main buffer types that a detailer will use: an orbital buffer and a high-speed rotary buffer. They come i...
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Saturns Making it Easy to be Green With the Aura Green Line
by Levi Quinn. Hybrid cars are currently heralded as the wave of the future. With improved fuel economy and more environmentally friendly emissions, we may all be driving a hybrid someday soon. The government has even given them the thumbs up with a $1300 tax cr...
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Select Planet Audio for That Great Sounding Music
by Muna wa Wanjiru.Select Planet Audio for That Great Sounding Music by: Muna wa Wanjiru Our lives are filled with many different technological advances. One of th
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Alpine Audio Has Proven to be Invaluable Car Stereo System
by Muna wa Wanjiru.Alpine Audio Has Proven to be Invaluable Car Stereo System by: Muna wa Wanjiru For the various owners of cars it is sometimes necessary to make
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Tires Checked, Maintained, Replaced for Safety
by Evander Klum. Playing a very vital role when the vehicle is running, the tires are the only part of the car that physically touches the ground. They are one of the major factors that affect the vehicle's handling and overall safety. Periodical checking of your ti...
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You Floor Mats Matter Too
by Evander Klum. A clean exterior exudes a clean and responsible car owner. Your aim for buying a car is to be on your appointments on time and to feel comfort while traveling. Having a clean car on the inside is important to achieving these goals. And a clean car i...
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Nissans Recycling Recovery Rate at 95.2%
by RyanThomas. The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. earlier announced the progress report on its recycling efforts for the fiscal year 2006 starting in April last year to March this year. Through its extensive recycling efforts, the Japanese automaker has already exceeded th...
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Ten Most Attractive Key Fobs
by Glady Reign. In the past, car key fobs are just simple metallic things stamped with the car company's logo. But as time goes by and cars become more and more advanced, car manufacturers have been improving the design of their car keys and key fobs. This is esp...
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Covercraft Car Cover: Know the Difference
by Evander Klum. I just don't understand why people spend so much in buying cars and spend so little when it comes to maintenance and purchasing stuffs that protect their cars. Like for instance purchasing quality car covers. Let's face it we just can't take our gar...
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The Demise of the Geo Prizm
by Anthony Fontanelle. In 1989, General Motors decided to produce small cars to compete with the growing import market then. The Michigan-based car manufacturer sold these small cars under the brand Geo. The vehicles under this brand were sold at Chevrolet dealerships a...
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Maintaining the Clutch
by Evander Klum. You car's clutch is an integral part of the engine, it is definitely as must that they should be taken cared of and maintained for them to yield top of the line performance. As a responsible driver and car owner, you should not wait for a clutch to ...
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Checking Under the Car
by Evander Klum. Much as the car's exterior and interior needs regular checking, the parts that are found under your car also needs religious check up. The excellent appearance of both the interior and the exterior are useless if the under parts are not in good cond...
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Cruising Highways With Number Plate Sprays
by Nahshon Roberts. It's no superhero, and it doesn't have superpowers. But it's being touted by many as the super-answer to unfairly issued speeding and red-light tickets. If you're a driver, and you're disgruntled by photo enforcement, odds are you have already heard...
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Breakdown Recovery Services
by Gabriel Adams. Breakdown recovery services are an invaluable service to anyone who drives. You are entitled to use a breakdown recovery service if your vehicle will not start or the vehicle stops working on the road. Most vehicles are repairable on the roadside bu...
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Auto Show Season Brings Big Auto Spices
by Anthony Fontanelle. This year's auto season delivered exotic spices to produce a luscious feast in the automotive industry. The banquet is a replica of one strong message - TRANSITION. Getting more powerfulThe Toyota Motor Corp.'s Scion brand unleashed more powerful pr...
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Cooling Things Down With the Toyota Radiator
by Kimberly Baker. Tagging Toyota as a reliable car manufacturer would be an understatement. A total performer would be an apt moniker. It has been tried and proven through generations of cars, SUV's, mini-vans and trucks of various lines and models that have stood as...
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Luxurious Radiator Fit for Infiniti
by Kimberly Baker. Luxurious cars have been roaming around street paraded by lucky owners involved in an elite society and clubs. A lot of automakers have released their own makes for luxurious cars to continue feeding the hunger of the elite for luxury that they can ...
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Stop Overheating With your Hyundai Radiator
by Kimberly Baker. South Korea is proud to have its largest Automaker Company, the Hyundai Motor Company, as it is considered globally as the Sixth Largest Automaker, producing 1.6 million units every year. Its logo, a slanted letter "H" represents two people shaking ...
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Mercedes Benz Presented European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award
by Dwyane Thomas. Another success for DaimlerChrysler the producer of high quality Mercedes ML430 parts was achieved very recently when Dr.-Ing. JÃ?rgen Trost the developer of Mercedes-Benz Active Brake Assist for commercial...
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Total Protection From Ventshade
by John Garett. "Given the outstanding overall performance of a vehicle inside out, an upgrade would be the perfect icing on the cake. Upgrade would entail altering its usual form into a bolder, meaner look not only to catch the fancy of kibitzers but to enhance it...
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