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8 Quick, Hot Reasons You Should Offer an E-mail Course Today
Topic : Email Marketing : Email Course & Email Courses
by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ.1. E-mail courses are generally quick and easy to create. Contents for your e-mail courses are everywhere -- old articles, interviews, information from doing research. You only need to know how to or...
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11 Creative Ways You Can Use Autoresponders
Topic : Automatic Responder : Autoresponder & Autoresponders
by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ.1. Pick 4 or more articles you've written that have a common theme and put them in an autoresponder series. Announce it on your site as an e-mail course on the go. 2. If you have a page for related l...
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How to use Emotional Content to Increase Visitor Response
Topic : Consumer Buying Behavior : Product Consumer & Consumer Spending
by John Alexander.Did you know that many folks make "buying decisions" when they are moved emotionally? Other traditional medias have made the most of these principles and taken advantage of them for many years, wheth...
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How To Choose Keywords Before they Skyrocket in Popularity
Topic : Search Engine Marketing : SEO & SEO Services
by John Alexander.Long before the days of researching phrases with the helpful online resources of today, the art of keyword/phrase selection was often left just to guesswork. However, guesswork by today's highly comp...
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Effective Search Engine Optimization
Topic : Consumer Trends : Consumer Market & Psychology Behavior
by John Alexander.We all know the importance of gaining top visibility to a specific target audience on the major search engines. After all, you really need qualified traffic or those who are actually searching for go...
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Exploring Beyond Keywords Into Behavioral Research
Topic : Search for Keyword : Find Keyword & Find Keywords
by John Alexander.If you have ever studied search engine optimization, then you'll know that most educators place tremendous importance on performing good keyword research. After all, it's true that we need to optimiz...
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4 Marketing Myths Threaten Your Sales
Topic : Sales Success : Business Consulting & Business Management
by Bob Leduc.These 4 marketing myths can cause you to lose sales if you base your marketing decisions on them. But the related marketing tips I included with each myth will boost your sales if you act on them ...
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Printing Marketing Postcards
Topic : Marketing with Postcards & Postcard Marketing
by Jason Van Orden.This article will show you how to cut your printing costs to a penny and have your postcards addressed for free without doing it all yourself, reducing the time you invest in your mailing to almost n...
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7 Strategies for Handling Last Minute Meetings
Topic : Business Meeting : Effective Meeting & Business Meetings
by Susan Friedmann.Have you ever found yourself having to scramble to organize a meeting at the last minute? Wouldn’t it be nice that if and when this daunting situation arose, you were well prepared with all necessary...
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Sponsorship: A Key to Powerful Marketing
Topic : Sponsor Marketing : Sponsorship Marketing & Sponsorships
by Susan A. Friedmann.Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. It is still very much in its infancy, especially in the trade show arena. With this in mind, you can find unlimited opportunities to b...

Focus on Your Target Audience!
Topic : Your Target Audience : Target Audience & Target Marketing
by Robin Nobles.Search engine optimizers often forget who our true audience really is. We get so wrapped up in trying to please the search engines that we forget to focus on our target audience: our users. What we...
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Top 3 Rules for Writing Effective Copy
Topic : Marketing Online Business : Effective Writing & Online Business
by Ladan Lashkari.One thing all successful Internet marketers have in common is that they're good copywriters. If you want to have a profitable online business, you need to know how to write a copy that motivates peop...
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Satisfied Employees, A Powerful Marketing Strategy
Topic : Motivation Employees : Morale Employee & Employee Motivation
by Kathleen Gage.Even in today’s still uncertain economic times, there are companies who are doing extraordinarily well. Why is it that some companies are thriving while others are barely making it? You can always bl...
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How to Market Your Web Site with Ethical Linking.
Topic : Web Site Marketing : Marketing Ethics & Ethical Advertising
by Gary Nappe.Your web site's search engine rankings are determined in part by the popularity of your site. This link popularity is a function of the quality and number of other web sites that link to your site. G...
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10 Ways To Improve Your Print Ads
Topic : Effective Print Advertising : Ads Media & Advertising Ads
by David Coyne.1) Include a coupon in your large ads. This can increase response from 25 to 100 percent. Your coupon could offer the prospect your brochure or catalog. 2) Use a benefit headline on your coupon tha...
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Not Common But Effective Free Marketing
Topic : Free Online Advertising : Free Advertising & Online Advertising
by Tracy Finney.We all know the many "free" traffic producing avenues. We all know about free classified ads, traffic exchanges, web site submitters, banner exchanges, link exchanges, but how many of you have ever t...
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The 12 Most Common Newsletter Design Mistakes
Topic : Designing a Newsletter : Newsletter Design & Create Newsletter
by Roger C. Parker.Your newsletter’s success depends on its design. An attractive, easy to read newsletter encourages readers to pay attention to your message. However, cluttered, hard to read newsletters discourage re...
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The 8 Biggest Newsletter Marketing Mistakes
by Roger C. Parker.Newsletter publishing has always made a lot of sense. It makes sense for firms to target their advertising dollars to clients and prospects that have expressed interest in their products and services...
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The 10 Commandments of Guerrilla Marketing Design
Topic : Marketing and Design : Guerilla Marketing & Marketing Design &
by Roger C. Parker.Guerrilla Marketing Design is more an attitude than a system of do’s and don’ts. It’s an attitude that emphasizes the efficient and memorable delivery of information. -First Commandment: Purposeful ...
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Increase SEO Sales by Teaching Clients about SEO Truths
Topic : Search Engine Marketing : Internet Marketing Strategy
by John Alexander.In private consultations with some Search Engine Optimizers I am always amazed at how many people feel it's necessary to hype things up in order to sell their search engine placement services. Selli...
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What Is The Secret To Motivating Your Downline?
Topic : Motivating Employees & Motivate Employees
by David B. Ledoux.I just snapped. I couldn't take it any more. I starting sobbing, and I gripped the steering wheel with both hands in a choke hold. My vision blurred from the tears as I drove the 2 hours back...anot...
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Everybody Loves Raymond....You Should Too!
Topic : Ideas For Marketing : Marketing Ideas & Small Business
by Will Dylan.Popular TV Series Provides a Powerful Marketing Lesson Small Business owners spend a great deal of mental effort and time trying to dream up the next big marketing idea for their business. I’m all fo...
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10 Steps to Getting Paid for Your Marketing Materials
Topic : Marketing Materials & Marketing Material
by Paulette Ensign.How many times have you heard the same sound bites come out of your mouth to your clients, prospects, and audiences, almost boring yourself to tears in the process? Imagine generating money directly ...
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Turning Challenge Into Opportunity
Topic : Business Openings & Business Opening
by Jeff Solochek.There is a common saying that whenever you are presented with a problem or a challenge, you should turn it into an opportunity. Some of the people who have mastered this concept are; the United State...
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10 Ways To Make Your Sales Soaring
Topic : Successful Marketing : Marketing Success & Marketing Sales
by Hans Peter Oswald.1. Maximize the effectiveness of your banner ads. Don't just use the same ad on every banner, use a variety to attract the greatest number of clickers. Use a banner system, which changes the banners ...
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