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Guest Articles: Good for Some, Bad for Others
Topic : Internet Marketing Advertising & Internet Advertising
by Bobette Kyle.A recent debate started me thinking about how some marketing strategies can be right for one Web site, but wrong for another depending on the site’s purpose and the underlying reasoning behind the ac...
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The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails
Topic : Marketing and Publicity : Marketing Publicity & Publicity
by Bill Stoller.You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of your business. You probably also know that e-mail is the way most publicity seekers get in touch with reporters to score that precious cover...
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Some of The Best Ways To Get Visitors To Your Site
Topic : Business Website Design : Website Design & Website Advertising
by Jonathon White.Before building a site there are many things that you need to take in mind. For example, how are you going to design your site, what is it going to cost you, how long will it take you to build, etc. ...
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Where to Find a Cash Windfall
Topic : Business Joint Ventures : Business Ventures & Joint Ventures
by Jay L. Abraham.There is a rather famous true story called “Acres of Diamonds”. It is about a successful farmer who risks everything searching the African continent for diamonds. Ultimately he dies sick and penn...
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Effective Promotional Products
Topic : Business Promotional Items & Promotional Products
by Ethan Woods.Recently, I stopped by a new car wash in my town and while preparing to insert my six quarters into the machine to start the cleaning process, the owner came over to me and thanked me for stopping ...
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Guide to a Profitable Marketing Mix
Topic : Marketing Mix Strategies : Marketing Mix & Mix Market
by Bobette Kyle.You may have heard the term Marketing Mix used in connection with marketing planning. Marketing Mix means the combination of promotions, products, places (distribution channels), and prices you chose...
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Three Reasons To Host Your Own Teleconference
Topic : Video Teleconference : Teleconference & Teleconferencing
by Tom Parker.Top companies have been doing it for years. It enables their employees to "be there" without actually being there. Teleconferencing has been in existence for a number of years to help people to w...
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PR: The Wildcard Marketing Strategy
Topic : Marketing Public Relation : Public Relation & Media Relations
by Dali Singh.What is the true purpose of public relations and how can it really help impact the growth of your small business? In order for the media to succeed, they need information that is both useful and ente...

11 Steps to "Sticky" Web Site!
Topic : Ecommerce Website Design : Marketing Website & Website Structure
by Collette Gillian.An attractive and user-friendly Web site is crucial to attracting prospects and holding their interest. Seems obvious, yet poor design and even more poorly written content clutter the Web. The bas...
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10 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Ezine Subscribers
Topic : Online Magazine Subscription : Ezine Articles & Ezine Marketing
by Ken Hill.1. Place testimonials for your ezine on your site. Your testimonials will help you to increase your circulation by showing your visitors how your ezine has helped your subscribers. 2. Give your visit...
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Creating a Winning Logo
Topic : Business Logo Design : Logo Design & Business Logo
by Philip Gillespie.Creating a logo to get you noticed. When you’re branding a company with a name, a colour scheme and a logo the logo is often not given enough care and attention. It should follow the chosen colour sc...
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Book Club Sales -- Increasing the Odds
Topic : Book Club Questions : Licensing Agreement & Rights Sale
by Joni Hamilton.What is a book club sale? It is actually a rights sale or a licensing agreement: you are granting permission to a book club the right to “borrow” your work. You have written a book, and now you are a...
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Wordtracker Wisdom: Common keyword questions and Answers
by John Alexander.One of my favorite subjects to teach on at our live SEO Mastery Workshops is that of keyword research and the behavior of a specific target audience using my all time favorite research tool, Wordtrac...
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Yellow Pages Directory Information
Topic : Keyword Research Tool : Keyword Suggestion & Keyword Tool
by Dr. Lynella Grant.Directory Users Seek Information about Location First People who open the Yellow Pages already have a desire to buy. That sets it apart from all other advertising media. For a brief time, the eager-t...
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20 Ideas for creating traffic rich, search engine friendly pages
Topic : YSEO Website Design : Website Marketing & Design of Website
by John Alexander.Sometimes questions will arise around the subject of gateway information pages or doorway pages. People have heard that "doorway pages" are BAD and some have stated that search engines "hate doorway ...
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Expose Yourself !
Topic : Marketing and Advertising : Marketing Advertising & Business Ads
by Jim Peters.That's what you need to do, if you want to maximize the traffic to your website. You need to expose yourself to as many pairs of eyes as you possibly can. Paying for advertising is one way to accomp...

Planting Bare Root Roses
Topic : Flowers and Gardening : Growing Roses & Planting Roses
by David G. Hallstrom.The following article was written by David G. Hallstrom for and originally published by National Realtors Directory.com. Planting Bare Root Roses Before planting, the plants must be prepared. The fo...
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What A Newsletter Can Do For Your Business
Topic : Business Newsletters : Business Newsletter & Online Newsletter
by Claire Cunningham.Newsletters are often thought of as easy, do-it-yourself communications projects. The reality is different…and that can be discouraging. Developing a good newsletter concept can be difficult and t...
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Does Your Message Pass the Test?
Topic : Business Vision Statement : Business Message & Marketing Message
by Claire Cunningham.Develop an effective benefit message and you’re well on your way to building your company’s entire marketing program. After all, you need focus to create success. Without it you can wind up expendin...
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Are Your Emails Gettting Through?
Topic : Email Marketing Campaign : Business Email & Marketing Email
by Charlie Cook.If sending email to a mailing list is part of your markëting or business building strategy, you want to make sure your messages are reaching your audience. Are your readers getting your emails? Due t...
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The Mystery of the Magical Keyword Density Formula
Topic : Keyword Density Analysis : Keyword Density & Key Word Density
by Karon Thackston.Keyword density. When it comes to SEO copywriting, this has to be one of the most talked about subjects. Why? Because keywords are the very foundation of search engine copywriting. Without keywor...
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Reciprocal Linking Overload-Any old link back will do?
Topic : Reciprocal Links Exchange : Reciprocal Link & Link Exchange
by Derek Arnold.Are you attempting to become a Google junior by adding thousands of links on your site? Don’t bother, listen to these facts first. So you want to get a Google top page rank and get your site listed o...
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Types of Marketing
Topic : Market Structure Analysis : Market Structure & Market Structures
by Bob King.Today I was checking out Michelle's A Small Victory. There are threads on self-publishing that mutated into a dispute about trolls, who was a troll, and whether linking to Little Green Footballs was ...
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Evangelicals Frustrated by Bush
Topic : Political Commentary : Political Articles & Political Article
by Bob King.From an article by Ralph Z. Hallow THE WASHINGTON TIMES "I'm not blaming the president, but religious conservatives have been doing politics for 25 years and, on every front, are worse off on things...
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Wheres Your Focus, Money or Customer?
Topic : Business Marketing Research : Customer Focus & Customer Focused
by Andrew Henry.Is your website Really useful? I had a 'rep' in yesterday who was telling me he had a website, not realising I'm a man of many talents he was telling me about all the new companies he was working wit...
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