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To Lead or Not to Lead?
Topic : Network Marketing Leads : Marketing Leads & Lead Marketing
by Damon Smith.Working with Leads or Opt-In Clients can be very confusing at times, Some people will tell you that Leads are not a good source of advertising while others will say that you can not get much better w...
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How To Get Slightly Famous in Print
Topic : Network Marketing Advertising & Advertising Network
by Steven Van Yoder.Early in my career, I wrote an article for a small business magazine about self-publishing as a marketing tool for businesses. Because I specialize in helping businesses get into print, the article o...
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Five Tips for Trade Show Success on a Small Budget
Topic : Business Trade Show : Trade Show & Trade Show Display
by Rena Klingenberg.No matter how small your marketing budget, your business can afford to have a successful presence at trade shows without incurring big expenses. Here are five tips for exhibiting in trade shows inex...
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Creating Great Charts for Persuasive Trade Show Presentations
Topic : Trade Show Exhibits : Exhibit Display & Exhibit Design
by Rena Klingenberg.A well-designed chart can be one of the most persuasive elements of your trade show booth display and literature. It illustrates to your customers why your product is the obvious solution to one of ...
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Does your Book Cover Pass the “Ignore” Test?
Topic : Book Cover Design : Book Cover & Book Design
by Ovi Dogar - The CoversExpert.Your book cover is the first impression a potential client has with your book. The book cover design and message will determine if your book will be ignored or bought. Go to your website and have a l...
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Copywriting Is Not One-Size-Fits-All
Topic : Writing Advertising Copy : Ad Copywriting & Ad Copy
by Karon Thackston.I was in shock. Honestly, I shook my head when I read his email. I meant no disrespect; I just couldn’t believe he really felt that way. “Karon, I want you to write the sales letter for my site. H...
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Build Relationships
Topic : Customer Relationship Marketing & Relationship Marketing
by George Torok.Personal marketing makes it easier to sell, by building relationships nurtured on awareness, value and trust. Make your relationships more fruitful by making them personal. Use these powerful yet sim...
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5 Steps to Build Your Own Subscriber List
Topic : Marketing Mailing List : Mailing List & Mailing Lists
by Bob Kosimov.Let me ask you this ‘Who can you sell your products or services to over and over again?’ Your subscriber list is an unlimited source to market your products to. You can test your products, run survey...
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Guerilla Marketing Lesson 2: Why Do People Call Me?
Topic : How to Advertise : Advertising Tips & Advertising Ideas
by Barrett Niehus.Before we begin, I want you to think about how many times you actually sought out an advertisement. How did you know where to look for it? Why did you choose that one? Whether you know it or not, ...
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Ebook Rebranding - The New Ebook Marketing Power?
Topic : Internet Marketing Ebook : Ebook & Marketing Ebook
by Joe Lee.Well, it is definitely yes! In the early day of internet marketing, giving away ebook free was a very good list-building strategy. It worked extremely well. But it is no longer the case in TODAY sce...
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Real Estate Marketing, Do You Use Direct Mail?
Topic : Direct Mail Marketing : Direct Mail & Direct Marketing
by Barrett Niehus.Prospecting for leads is by far the most difficult part of being a Realtor or small business professional. In fact, lead development is by far the most expensive and time consuming aspect of your job...
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7 BIG Ideas for Better eMail
Topic : Use of Email : Email Etiquette & Email Use
by BIG Mike McDaniel.More about eMail from BIG Mike McDaniel. 1 Empty your In-Box daily. Don’t use it for storage. Check incoming eMail at least once a day and deal with it. Move unread mail into folders for later viewi...
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Is a High Search Engine Ranking Important for YOU?
Topic : Top Search Engine Ranking & High Search Engine Ranking
by Andy White.In the process of designing a website for clients the question inevitibly arises "How do I get a good search engine ranking?". This is a very good point and the answer is not as clear cut as you may ...
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When Is An Ad Not An Ad?
Topic : Advertising for Business : Business Advertising & Business Ads
by Stuart Reid.One marketing technique used by advertisers old and new is to conceal sales pages as something else. The Infomercial, for example, extends the TV Advertisment into something that prentends to be an i...

How To Blog, And Why You Should!
Topic : Make a Blog : Blogging Tips & Blog Tips
by Stuart Reid.First, a quick definition for those who do not know what a Blog is. Quite simply, it's a Web Log. In other words, a regularly updated page of your thoughts, ideas, links - whatever. It's very easy to...
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Cutting Down Your Trade Show Budget
Topic : Trade Show Management & Budget Planning
by Susan Friedmann.Whenever a recession or volatility threatens the economy, companies immediately look at where they can cut budgets. Without much forethought, the first to hit the block is inevitably training, follo...
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Ten Secrets of Super Successful Meeting Planners
Topic : Meeting Event Planner : Meeting Planner & Event Planners
by Susan Friedmann.Whoever said that being a meeting planner was easy, lied! Rather, it should be classified under the tough and demanding job category. But, along with being tough, it’s also fun, exciting, exhilarat...
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Mobile Marketing A New Age Strategy
Topic : Mobile Advertising Marketing : Mobile Marketing & Mobile Ads
by Derrick Johnson.More and more companies seem to be looking for new and innovative ways to market their products. Overlooking most of the traditional marketing techniques, more companies are pioneering the relatively...
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Why Split-Run Testing Does Not Work...
Topic : Split Run Testing & Split Run Test
by Konstantin Goudkov.There is a wealth of information out there about the benefits of split-run testing or how to conduct such tests, and a huge selection of software solutions that help to implement it. I'm am not ...
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10 Classic Ways To Successfully Use Autoresponders
by Ken Hill.1. Use your autoresponders to conduct simple polls. Your polls can give you valuable information that you can use to make your ezine, site or product better. They can also help you to make decisions...
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Lead Generation Using Traffic Exchanges
Topic : Follow Up Autoresponder : Autoresponder & Autoresponder Service
by Jimmy Boyd.Leads have always been the lifeblood of any business. If you have no leads, you have no business. Everyone knows that, but the thing killing everybody out there is how to get leads for your business ...
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Uncover Your Hidden Markets
Topic : Customer Market Research : Customer Market & Sales Market
by Bob Leduc.Want a simple, low-cost way to boost your sales? Just uncover the narrowly defined sub-markets hidden in your main market. Then create special versions of your advertising to focus on the specific ne...
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The Psychology of Urgency: Make Them Want It Now!
Topic : Sales Marketing Plan : Sales Persuasion & Marketing Persuasion
by Scott Moldenhauer.“I’ll think it over and get back to you.” “Sure, we’ll do that someday.” “I need to check with my colleagues.” “Give me a call next month, then we can set a date.” Tired of excuses? Looking for a mo...
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Marketing Press Release
Topic : Write Press Release : Press Release Writing & Press Release Tips
by Julia Hyde.Do editors of newspapers, magazines and online news sites really use press releases? Too right they do. In fact, the press release is one of the most effective forms of publicity. But many businesses...
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As a Realtor, How Do I Attract Listings?
Topic : Real Estate Listings : How To Get Listings & Property Listings
by Barrett Niehus.Have you ever noticed that despite the massive number of Realtors in your area, only a hand full are making a fortune selling real estate? Regardless of who these realtors work for; GMAC, Century 21...
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