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What is a Prenup
What Is A Prenup [10k-100k]
by Jeffrey Broobin.A Prenup is also known as prenuptial agreement. Prenup is in Existence since 1848. A Prenup may sound very cold and unromantic but it is also a considerate and practical way to decide before the marriage, certain issues having to do with your money.
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Get a Prenuptial Agreement before Your Next Marriage
Topic : Divorce Advice : Marriage Advice & Prenuptial Agreements
by Jeffrey Broobin.While signing a prenuptial agreement can be one of the all-time romantic turnoffs, for people heading into their second marriage, a prenuptial agreement can give the trade-off of a better relationshi...
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Divorce: Coping With The Family Law Process
Topic : Divorce Process : Family Law & Family Law Info
by Charles M. Goldstein.The Emotions Divorce is a scary, lonely and misunderstood process for most people, particularly when there are children involved. The mutual friends enjoyed during the marriage may not be of help bec...
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Do You Own Your Web Site Design?
Topic : Copyright Information : Website Copyright & Copyright Ownership
by Richard A. Chapo.Your web site has been up for a few months and you are making money hand over foot. While surfing sites one evening, you are shocked to find a competitor using your design. You find out your desig...
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How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service
Topic : Bankruptcy Information : Bankruptcy Process & Bankruptcy Forms
by Victoria Ring.Due to the dramatic increase in technology, business professionals now have the ability to outsource their skills and earn extra money working from home as a bankruptcy forms processor. Unlike an att...
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Plans Arent Wine, And They Dont Always Age Well
Topic : Life Insurance Beneficiary : Life Insurance & Writing A Will
by Molly Shomer.The following crossed my desk recently. The author gave me permission to share her story: "Please alert people to something we're experiencing right now - having to clean up the mess of someone not n...
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The United State Court System, an Eye for Research
Topic : State Court System : Federal Court System & Court Systems
by Matthew Abts.A Cup of Tea, Coffee, or Something Else www.quiettable.com Whenever investigating an individual or business, one of the most basic checks is for lawsuits, criminal charges, and bankruptcy filings. Bu...
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An important part of lifetime planning is the Power of Attorney.
Topic : Power Of Attorney : Power Of Attorney Information
by Jeffrey Broobin.An important part of lifetime planning is the Power of Attorney. Valid in all states, these documents give one or more persons the power to act on your behalf. The power may be limited to a particula...
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How to Start an Online Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service
Topic : Bankruptcy Forms Online : Filing Bankruptcy Online
by Victoria Ring.Due to the dramatic increase in technology, paralegals now have the ability to outsource their skills and earn extra money working from home as a bankruptcy forms processor. Unlike an attorney or not...
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Stop Collection Agency Harassment
Topic : Collection Agency Harassment : Stop Creditor Harrassment
by Susan Chana Lask, Esq..Owing a debt does not automatically subject you to harrassing, threatening and other inappropriate collection agency behavior. Some collection agencies go too far with what I call "renegade collector...
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What to Know Before Signing a Home Improvement Contract
Topic : Home Improvement Contract : Consumer Protection Act
by Susan Chana Lask, Esq..It is important to be a very careful consumer when it comes to home improvement contractors. For instance, I had a case where my client, an elderly and blind woman, signed a contract and paid $30,000...
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Filing a Simple Bankruptcy
Topic : How To File Bankruptcy : File Bankruptcy & Filing Bankruptcy
by Susan Chana Lask, Esq..We all know times are tough and, for some of us, bills are getting harder to pay each month. If the debts you owe are more than what you can afford, you should read on. Filing a bankruptcy can be the...
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Protect Your Job & Wages
Topic : Employment Contract : Job Protection & Employment Law
by Susan Chana Lask, Esq..When people call me about employment issues they don't realize one important law- in almost every state you are terminable at will. That means that your employer can fire you anytime and for no reas...
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I Comply, You Comply, We Comply ... Are You Sure?
Topic : Planning Meeting Minutes : Record Keeping Standards
by Robert Neuberger.Failure to follow corporate formalities may expose corporate officers, directors and shareholders to personal liability. Maintaining good records, including corporate minutes, on a timely basis goes ...

Are you ready for Your Students Student Loans?
Topic : Student Loan Information : Student Financial Aid & Student Loans
by Mike Yeager.Your son or daughter is a high school senior and your worried about the coming year, and more importantly, the coming student loans? College has become so important in your children's future that par...
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What on earth are Home Equity Loans?
Topic : Home Equity Loan Information : Home Equity Loans
by Mike Yeager.Home equity loans are one of the most common types of financing for doing improvements on your house. These loans are not necessary used for home improvements but can also be used to simply obtain ex...
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What Type of Loan Do You Need?
Topic : Types Of Loans : Payday Loan & Loan Trap
by Mike Yeager.There are many types of loans available to consumers. There is no shortage of people willing to lend money to qualified individuals. It is a matter of knowing what you need and what is available to y...
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Debt Consolidation. Just lump it all together!
Topic : Debt Consolidation Loan : Consolidate Debt & Loan Consolidation
by Mike Yeager.In a world where people use credit as much as they drink water, it is no surprise that so many people need debt consolidation loans. Debt consolidation loans sound like a good way of getting your deb...
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Are You In The Market For a Car Loan?
Topic : Car Loan Information : Auto Loan Information & Car Loan Info
by Mike Yeager.Car loans are a tempting way to purchase a new car. While they provide for easy access to a car, these loans can get quite expensive if you do not know enough about what you are getting into. Simple ...
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Winning Social Security Disability Benefits
Topic : Social Security Disability Claim : Social Security Disability
by Sheri Abrams.Winning a Social Security Disability case for someone who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia (CFS/FMS) can be very difficult. However, with proper preparation I am often able ...
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Service by Substitution in California
Topic : California Civil Code Of Procedure : Service Of Summons
by David G Hallstrom.The following article was written for Resources For Attorneys.com by David Hallstrom, a private investigator, he is not now nor has he ever been an attorney. Section 415.20 (b) of the California Civi...
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Health Insurance Coverage
Topic : Health Insurance Information : Health Insurance Coverage
by Mike Yeager.Health insurance is something that everyone needs today. The rising cost of visiting a health care provider or a hospital stay makes it imperative that everyone have some type of health care coverage...
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Travel Insurance Might Be Just What You Need!
Topic : Travel Insurance Information : Travel Insurance Coverage
by Mike Yeager.Travel insurance is something that many people haven’t considered. Sure, it’s possible that you may never have to access your travel insurance, but just having it can really give you peace of mind. A...
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Inexpensive Life Insurance To Protect What You’ve Earned
Topic : Life Insurance Information : Low Cost Life Insurance
by Mike Yeager.Adequate life insurance to cover your income producing ability is a product that is really needed today to give peace of mind. Life insurance was originally conceived to protect a man's family when h...
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Affordable Insurance Quotes To Save You Money!
Topic : Insurance Quote Information : Cheap Insurance Quotes
by Mike Yeager.Whether you're looking for insurance quotes for auto, life, travel or health you can find some great rates on the internet. Insurance quotes coverage can provide peace of mind and also financial cove...
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