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Oil and Gas Engineer
Topic : Oil and Gas Engineering & Oil and Gas Industry
by Dalvin Rumsey.People who get to work as engineers in the oil and gas production are usually very well trained professionals. There are many things an engineer can be responsible for. For instance, a drilling engineer has to make sure the drilling of wells goes wel...
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Tips On The Offshore Oil Rig Jobs
Topic : Oil Rig Jobs : Offshore Oil Rig Jobs & Oil Rigs Job
by Dalvin Rumsey.As you probably know by now, the offshore oil rig jobs imply physical work. Almost all the rig companies on the market try to offer their employees an enjoyable time onboard. Especially as there are accommodation wings that meet 4 or 5 star hotel sta...
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Oil And Gas Jobs In The UK Job Market
by sterigg.The UK oil and gas job market has sky-rocketed over the last few years, largely owing to the rise in natural resource consumption. More people own personal vehicles, which require gasoline and motor oil to run efficiently; homes of all sizes need nat...
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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs
by tjacowski.Job RequirementsWorking offshore is not for everyone. The job requires you to travel and be away from home and your family. It is a hard and dangerous task that has to be accomplished in harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, growth opportuniti...
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Sap Jobs Within the Oil and Gas Industry
by Stephen Trigg.The IT industry is one of the most important sectors because of the influence it has in other industrial segments. Therefore, there are many IT skills which are required in industries such as the finance, telecommunications and oil and gas sectors. ...
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North East UK Oil Gas Jobs
by Stephen Trigg.In its hay day, the North Sea oil reserves provided a large proportion of the UK annual GDP. It also employed a significant percentage of the national labor force. As such, it has been deduced that many oil/gas job opportunities in the UK are outsour...
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Preparing for the Rigours of Oil and Gas Jobs
by Astute.The job market for oil and gas professionals has been consistent since the first oil wells were struck in the 19th century. A consistent need for petroleum for consumer products and automotive fuel means that there is a need for new oil and gas sourc...
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Expanding your Professional Horizons With Oil and Gas Jobs
by Astute.Many people assume that oil and gas jobs are limited to the rough and tumble tedium of remote locations. Oil and gas reserves found in deserts, arctic environments and forests provide a challenge for a significant number of experts in oil and gas. Pr...
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The Professional Toilet Cleaner
by melvin polatnick.I started my toilet cleaning career accidentally. It all began in a funeral parlor which was packed with former customers of a local prostitute; she had died of a heart attack while attempting to please the married members of a social club. I was in ...
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How the Oil and Gas Industry Benefits the UK
by Stephen Trigg.The foreign capital investment and the government expenditure that has been diffused into this industry has meant that it is still growing and developing. Furthermore, both UK and other multinational oil and gas firms are carrying out new undersea ex...
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